7 Latinas With the Craziest Body Piercings

We live in a world where piercings are an art, and celebrities know just how to express themselves. Stars are known for getting the most outrageous piercings in some of the – ahem – craziest places.

Some of our favorite Latinas have taken on these daring, but awesome piercings. Ahead, check out 7 Latinas with the craziest body piercings:

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1. Christina Aguilera

Back in her dirrty days, Christina Aguilera had a whopping 12 body piercings! Though many are now long gone, she had almost everything pierced – and we mean everything.

2. Adrienne Bailon

Newly engaged Adrienne Bailon had a nipple incident when she stepped out at NYFW in the biggest way possible – in a black sheer top that showed off her two nipple piercings. 

3. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato's piercings had much more meaning than others we've seen; last March, on the two year anniversary of her sobriety, Lovato celebrated by getting four new piercing in the cartilage of her left ear. 

4. Becky G

Just last month, Becky G celebrated her 18th birthday with a nose piercing. She posted the selfie with the caption “change is good," and we couldn’t agree more!

5. Fergie

We don't need to tell you that Fergie is badass all on her own, but the eyebrow ring just raises it to the next level.

6. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is known for sporting some serious ear jewels. We even got to see one of her piercings on an episode of Candidly Nicole.

7. Cassie

The shaved head and awesome piercings are an unbeatable combination for Cassie. She reportedly has her nipples pierced, as well.