Celebrities You Never Knew Had Children Together


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Sometimes, Hollywood has a way of surprising you. By that, we mean the surprising pairings that celebs have made. For example, who else was shocked when the world found out that Benicio del Toro was expecting a kid with Rod Stewart's daughter? Exactly.

Below is our list of people you never knew had children together:

1. Surprising Parents: Benicio del Toro / Kimberly Stewart

Benicio del Toro & Kimberly Stewart

Back in 2011, Hollywood was shocked to find out that, yes, Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly was pregnant with Benicio del Toro’s child. Stewart and the Boricua Oscar-winning actor were not technically an item, but have made it a priority to raise Delilah in a loving environment. “She definitely looks like her dad, but she has my legs and eye color,” Stewart said to Hello! Magazine.

2. Surprising Parents: Liza Morales / Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom & Liza Morales

Before tying the knot with Khloe Kardashian, NBA star Lamar Odom had three children with former longtime girlfriend Liza Morales – the third who died at six months old of SIDS in 2006. Morales wrote an open letter about what her future held after losing Odom, who she met in the ninth grade. “I spent a great deal of my young life focused only on Lamar and his world. That’s all over now,” Morales wrote. “I'm looking forward to meeting someone new and finding a love again and finally walking down the aisle.”

3. Surprising Parents: Emily B / Fabolous

Emily B & Fabolous

The Love & Hip Hop star has a son with rapper Fabolous. On the VH1 show, the celebrity stylist has opened up about her turbulent long-term relationship with the hip-hop artist. “My mother always told me that to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did… and what I didn’t do in the eight years was I never left [Fabolous],” she told Latina exclusively back in 2011. “I was always there; I always wanted to be his down chick, ride or die. I had to take a stand and say ‘You know what? I don’t like my situation and I want more. I want a commitment.”

4. Surprising Parents: Marc Anthony / Debbie Rosada

Marc Anthony and his Ex-Girlfriend Debbie

Everyone knows about the salsero’s kids with ex-wives Jennifer Lopez and Dayanara Torres, but did you know that Marc Anthony has another child named Arianna with an ex-girlfriend? She is Anthony’s eldest child, and he dedicated his 2000 song “My Baby You” to her (one of our picks part of best song dedications).

5. Surprising Parents: Eva La Rue / John Callahan

Eva La Rue & John Callahan

The  46-year-old actress of part-Puerto Rican descent has a daughter named Kaya McKenna with John Callahan. La Rue and Callahan were married but divorced in 2005. In a 2009 interview with People, Callahan said that when he found out his ex planned on moving to the West Coast with their daughter, he knew he had to move to California also. “The reason I’m still alive and happy is this 7-year-old,” he told the magazine.

6. Surprising Parents: Vanessa Marcil / Brian Austin Green

Vanessa Marcil & Brian Austin Green

The actress of part-Mexican descent has a son named Kassius Lijah Marcil–Green with former Beverly Hills, 90210 castmate Brian Austin Green. Marcil and Green dated from 1999 to early 2003. 

7. Surprising Parents: Helena Christensen / Norman Reedus

Helena Christensen & Norman Reedus

The supermodel of part-Peruvian descent has a son with ex-husband, actor Norman Reedus, whom she was married to for 5 years. Their son’s name is Mingus Lucien Reedus; he was named after the legendary jazz musician.

8. Surprising Parents: Shar Jackson / Kevin Federline

Shar Jackson & Kevin Federline

The former Moesha star (born Sharisse Jackson) has a son and a daughter with Kevin Federline, who is best known as Britney Spears’ ex-husband – and a hot mess. Jackson and Federline’s kids are named Kaleb and Kori. If you recall, Federline left Jackson for Spears in 2004, right before the birth of his and Jackson’s second child. We repeat, hot mess.

9. Surprising Parents: Lauren Sanchez / Tony Gonzalez

Lauren Sanchez & Tony Gonzalez

The stunning news anchor and the Atlanta Falcons tight end have a son named Nikko, who was born in 2001. Sanchez married talent agent Patrick Whitesell in 2005. Gonzalez is also married now and in total has three kids.

10. Surprising Parents: Kelis / Nas

Kelis & Nas

The singer of Puerto Rican descent and the rapper have a son together named Knight. The two were married in 2005, but things turned ugly when a 7-months-pregnant Kelis filed for divorce from the rapper, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

11. Surprising Parents: Swizz Beatz / Mashonda

Swizz Beatz & Mashonda

The high-profile producer and R&B singer were married at one point, and have a son together. If you recall, Mashonda, Swizz Beatz, and his current wife Alicia Keys were involved in a scandalous  love triangle. In an exclusive interview with Global Grind, Mashonda said she “forgave everyone involved.” “It took five years to get here but I made it, I feel like a victor,” she said. “At the end of the day, no one can tell me about the life I’ve lived and what I’ve endured as a wife, mother or human. My divorce was just one lesson of many to come, I’ve moved on and I’ve done so in a great way.”