On My Radar: Stephanie Beatriz Gives Us The Deets on How 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Has Changed Her Real-Life Wardrobe

Get inside the mind of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz as she gives you an exclusive look into the show, her (hilarious) thoughts on pop culture, her (serious) appreciation for Dolly Parton and basically anything else that enters her radar.

Clothes! They’re so much easier when other people pick them out for you! That’s why I'm going to share some things I've picked up during the first season of B99 from the costumers and wardrobe crew that have helped me/inspired me/made me figure out how to make my butt look better in pants.

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Stephanie Beatriz, Blogger & Actress

Stephanie Beatriz plays Det. Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She loves her senior chihuahua and kombucha, and is serious graphic tee shirt addict. She's also really, really into Disneyland.

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