You Can Listen to Tracks from J.Lo's New Album Early - Here's How!

Listen to JLo's AKA on Beats Music Early

It's not due out until June 17, but you can get a sneak peek of J.Lo's much-anticipated new album A.K.A. starting RIGHTNOW on Beats Music. The previously unreleased tracks include new music titled "Booty", featuring Pitbull, "Never Satisfied," and "Acting Like That" featuring Iggy Azalea. Download the Beats Music app on your mobile device or head on over to to hear the tracks. (Make sure to check out the exclusive playlists we create eah week on our profile as well!)

Side note: Jennifer Lopez's new album hasn't been getting the best reviews. We're interested to hear what you think, so Tweet your thoughts or comment below if you like/hate/could care less about the new tracks.