The Year of the Dog: Pitbull Reigns Supreme in 2011

When will Pitbull stop?

The Cuban American Miami-bred rapper has been everywhere this year – and we mean it. No wonder he’s also known as Mr. Worldwide. From gracing numerous stages to his lucrative business deals, Pitbull seems to have done it all this year.

To save you the trouble, we’ve compiled a list of 25 things the suave artist has done within the past 12 months. Check it out:

1. Year of the Dog: Collaborations

He’s a team player

Pitbull knows how to work with others – extremely well. The rapper’s name has been attached to many hit songs – enough for us to take notice. From big-name producer Pharrell to Colombian superstar Shakira, Pitbull has teamed up with some of music’s heavyweights. Check out our favorite Pitbull collaborations of all time and peep the music video below of one of our recent faves – his “Rain On Me” song with Puerto Rican salsero Marc Anthony:

2. Year of the Dog: Voli

He’s a Businessman

Pitbull knows how to handle his business. The rapper has several business deals, including his most recent one with Voli Light Vodka. Earlier this year, Pitbull teamed up with the premier liquor brand as a spokesperson and major equity owner and since then, we’ve seen the long white bottle everywhere with him. And we mean everywhere. Watch his brand new “International Love” music video with R&B crooner Chris Brown and you’ll see what we mean. Pitbull also teamed up with Kodak last year (along with Drake and Trey Songs) for the “So Kodak” campaign to promote the new line of Easyshare cameras.

3. Year of the Dog: Arizona

He Stands Up for What He Believes In

This may be a bit outdated, but it is definitely worth including. Last year, Pitbull cancelled a concert he had scheduled in Arizona, due to the state’s passing of SB1070. “How is the country we enjoy and love bcuz of its human rights, freedom, opportunity and that has been built by immigrants, now start 2 deny them?” Mr. 305 wrote via Twitter. “It is contradicting 2 everything the USA stands 4.” It was a bold move – and one that we’re sure many of his fans respected him for. The concert he had scheduled in Arizona was part of his “Mr. Worldwide Carnaval” tour – Pitbull’s first ever in the U.S. His reps later confirmed that the artist was a supporter of the boycott against Arizona until the state’s immigration laws were repealed.

4. Year of the Dog: Billboard

Pitbull Covers ‘Billboard' Magazine

Huge moment for Pitbull. The rapper appeared on the cover of Billboard this year. In his interview with the magazine, the cubano spoke about everything from his inspiration (the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs) to his music. “I make music with no boundaries,” he said. “There's no specific class or people or culture I'm trying to target. And every time I reach a new audience, that means I'm doing something right.”

5. Year of the Dog:

He launched his new website -

When you go on, you don’t just get a debriefing of everything Pitbull-related. The website is a blend of entertainment news, unique content, and videos. Check out the website here.

6. Year of the Dog: Lohan

Pitbull Won’t “Give Everything” To Lindsay Lohan

Back in August, actress Lindsay Lohan filed suit against Pitbull over the lyric “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” in his summer smash hit “Give Me Everything. This summer, Stephanie Ovadia, Lohan’s attorney, reportedly described Pitbull’s lyric as “destined to do irreparable harm” to her client. Pitbull had repeatedly insisted that he meant no harm by the lyric, but instead intended to refer to the actress’ huge popularity. “I’m basically saying she runs her world… I’m trying to run my world the same way,” he said in an interview with Primer Impacto. Last month, the legal drama between both artists ensued, and Pitbull filed a countersuit against the actress over a defamation lawsuit she filed against him.

7. Year of the Dog: "Wepa" Remix

Pitbull Says “Wepa” with a Legend

By far one of our favorite collaborations Pitbull has done is with Cuban American legend Gloria Estefan. The rapper teamed up with the 54-year-old Reina for a hot remix of her single “Wepa” – which is off her new album, Miss Little Havana. The song was remixed by Holland DJ R3hab and is one of several takes on big-time producer Pharell. Trust us – it’s infectious.

Listen to Pitbull and Estefan’s “Wepa” remix below:

8. Year of the Dog: Latina Cover

He was our Cover Guy!

For the first time in more than two years, a male celebrity graced the cover of Latina magazine – and who else would we pick besides Pitbull? The music sensation graced the June-July 2011 cover of our “Hot Guys Issue” – a perfect fit for the cubano. Wouldn’t you agree? Pitbull spoke to us about everything from loyalty to his relationship with his children.

9. Year of the Dog: HBO Doc Film

Latino List - Pitbull Inteview from Latino List on Vimeo.

He takes us down memory lane with him

In the HBO documentary film The Latino List (directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders), Pitbull (whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez) invited us back in time to share one of his favorite childhood memories.  The 30-year-old Miami-bred rapper spoke about the times his father would plant him on top of bar counters to recite poetry written by Cuban national hero José Martí. Pitbull was about 5 years old at the time. “People would lose it,” the rapper said of the adults in the bar. “To them, I was their 35, 40 seconds of escape.” 

10. Year of the Dog: Launches Careers

He Launches Careers

Pitbull has the power to give younger artists a push – and thereby helping launch their own music careers. That’s just what the 30-year-old did with Cuban American singer and former model Nayer – who he brought under his wing this year. 25-year-old Nayer is featured on the rapper’s smash hit “Give Me Everything” and as of September was working on debut album. In an exclusive interview with, Nayer said she feels Pitbull is her male version. “We’re both young, we’re both Cuban, we both come from the same city – and we both love up-tempo music,” she said.

Nayer released her first single “Suave” this fall, which (of course) features Pitbull himself. Check out the music video below:

11. Year of the Dog: Facebook Chat

Pitbull Chats with ‘Latina’

Yes, we had a live Facebook chat with Pitbull this summer and it was nuts!! We are not exaggerating; Mr. 305’s fans were hyped about the social media exchange with him for weeks beforehand and when the actual chat began, Latina was overwhelmed with hundreds of questions. After the chat, Pitbull recorded a special video message to the chat participants. “I hope you guys like it and enjoyed it as much as I did,” he said. “It may have been a quickie… but it was fun!” We didn’t know he was also a comedian.

12. Year of the Dog: Canela

Pitbull Will Be a Godfather

Pitbull and Cuban American telenovela star and singer Jencarlos Canela are reportedly really close, so it’s no wonder why he was picked to be the godfather of Canela’s baby. With the rapper’s fun-loving spirit, we’re sure he will be a really cool godfather too!

13. Year of the Dog: Give Me Eveything Success

He Gives His Everything

Pitbull had tremendous success with his summer smash hit “Give Me Everything, which features R&B crooner Ne-Yo, producer Afrojack, and his female protégée, Cuban-American singer Nayer. The club-ready song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart its music video has more than 180 million views on YouTube. Check out the music video for “Give Me Everything” below:

14. Year of the Dog: Lanvin ad

High Couture Loves Pitbull

Pitbull’s music can make even high couture models get up and dance – rather awkwardly. Lanvin chose his “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” song for its fall 2011 ad campaign. Do we think the French fashion house made a bad choice in music? Not at all! Check out Lanvin’s commercial below – look at the way those models jam to Pitbull’s music! They look like they’re ready for the club… a high-end one.

15. Year of the Dog: Shows Latina Love

Pitbull Shows Latina Amor

Pitbull rocked the house at Latina's 15th anniversary party in New York City back in September – which we will never forget. Though he performed a medley of his greatest hits, we plucked one to show you here. Below, check out Pitbull’s performance of his summer smash hit “Give Me Everything” with Nayer, his female protégée!

16. Year of the Dog: International Love

His Love Is ‘International’

Gradually, Pitbull’s music has expanded to a worldwide influence. Just listen to the lyrics of  “International Love, one of his newest songs off Pitbull’s Planet Pit album. The song, which features R&B singer Chris Brown. Pitbull said the song is about music being global. “No matter what language you may speak or not speak,” he said, “you speak music.”

Check out the music video for “International Love” below:

17. Year of the Dog: Glee

Will be… on ‘Glee’!

Pitbull has been rumored to be joining Glee as a guest star! According to EW, the hit FOX show began courting the cubano to play Santana Lopez's (played by part-Boricua actress Naya Rivera) big brother. If this news solidifies, there’s no doubt that the episode starring the suave Pitbull will be chock full of infectious hits. He would also be joining Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan as Glee’s newest guest stars – both were already confirmed to appear on the show.

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18. Year of the Dog: New Year's Eve

Pitbull Will Ring In the New Year With Us

A great way to end this year (for sure) is with Pitbull. Back in October, we reported that the 30-year-old Mr. Worldwide will be among several artists to perform at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest this year. The annual television program features performances by artists and also covers the dropping of the Times Square Ball. We. Can’t. Wait.

19. Year of the Dog: Dr. Pepper Ad

He’s a Doctor too

So Pitbull isn’t really a doctor – but the rapper partnered with the soda giant Dr. Pepper for one of its campaigns, titled “Vida 23. Pitbull even wrote a song specifically for the brand, which was featured in his Armando album.

Check out one of Pitbull’s Dr. Pepper commercials below:

20. Year of the Dog: Power of Music Videos

His Music Videos Blaze Through the Internet

We’re starting to think whatever music video Pitbull appears in begins to rack in a lot of views on the Internet – we’re talking millions here. If you have any doubt over Pitbull’s influence on YouTube for example, you haven’t noticed the number of views attached to “On the Floor. The song, which is by Boricua superstar Jennifer Lopez and features Mr. 305, has already surpassed 450 million views. Yes, that wasn’t a typo. 450 million! That’s what we call star power.

Check out the “On the Floor” music video below:

21. Year of the Dog: Today Show

He Rocked the ‘Today’ Show with Marc Anthony

This past July, NBC’s The Today Show was drenched with Latinos. And who was the leading man? Pitbull of course. Dressed in his usual dapper attire, the pop star graced the morning show’s outdoor stage to perform some of his hit songs, including “Rain On Me” with Boricua salsero Marc Anthony.

Check out Pitbull’s performance with Marc Anthony below:

22. Year of the Dog: Zumba

Pitbull Loves Some Zumba

Pitbull loves Zumba – who knew?! This summer, the rapper attended a convention for the Latin-influenced fitness brand and tore the stage in front of many Zumba enthusiasts. “The reason that Zumba and the Pitbull movement live together is because they pull from the same,” Pitbull said at the convention. He explained that Latin music genres such as salsa, merengue, and hip-hop are essential components to both his style and that of the fitness craze. We couldn’t agree more.

Check out a video below of Pitbull at the Zumba convention:

23. Year of the Dog: AMA Performance

Pitbull Rocks the AMA's!

The rapper raised the temperature on stage at the American Music Awards (AMAs) this year, performing “On the Floor” with Boricua superstar Jennifer Lopez. Pitbull was everywhere that night – not only was he up for awards that night, but he also helped co-host the awards ceremony alongside rapper Nicki Minaj.

You’ve missed out if you haven’t seen Pitbull’s AMA performance with J.Lo. We have the video below – fast forward to around 3:00 to see our fave cubano:

24. Year of the Dog: Euphoria Tour

Pitbull has us in ‘Euphoria’

This fall, Pitbull joined Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and bachata newcomer Prince Royce for Iglesias’ Euphoria tour. 25-year-old Cuban American singer Nayer, Pitbull’s protégée, also joined the boys on tour and spoke to exclusively about working with them. “With Pit, every day is a funny moment because he’s a character. He’s a very outgoing person, he speaks his mind and he makes me laugh,” she said. “Every day when I’m around this whole team, including Enrique, it’s hilarious… they’re always cracking jokes.” Sounded like a fun tour!

25. Year of the Dog: Mr. Worldwide

His Reach is Worldwide – literally

There you have it folks. After reviewing all that he has accomplished this past year, there’s no doubt why he’s called Mr. Worldwide. We’re sure after he’s taken over the music world, Pitbull will set his sights on boundless space.