WATCH: Xtina Teaches Conan O'Brien How to Burlesque Dance

Conan O'Brien may be older than Christina Aguilera, but the singer still has a thing or two she can teach the red-haired TV host! She proved it last night when she visited him on the set of his brand new TBS talk show.

After chatting it up with Conan about everything from son Max's choice of lullabies to Xtina's infamous "assless chaps" phase, the pint-sized songstress taught O'Brien a few moves she picked up on the set of her new film, Burlesque (opening tomorrow, November 24, in theaters across the country). O'Brien got a double dose of Aguilera; after the interview was done, she tore down the house with her own spin on an Etta James classic. Check it out below: