WATCH: Selena Gomez Gets Emotional After Reaching Career Milestone

Selena Gomez got emotional recently – and in a good way. This week, the 20-year-old singer/actress got the amazing and completely unexpected news that her “Come And Get It” single reached the number one spot on the charts. This is a huge first for Gomez.

“This has been 1 of my proudest achievements & I couldn’t do it without everyone! So grateful,” Gomez tweeted earlier this week, complete with an attached image of the chart list, and a YouTube video of her reacting to the news.

“Oh my God… I did it?!” Gomez says in the video. “Oh my gosh, I got my first number one? Are you kidding me?!” The superstar then collapses onto an armchair, stares at the phone with the news.

She then addresses her fans directly.

“I’ve done four records and this is the first number one that I’ve ever had, so I cannot thank you guys enough,” a shaky Gomez said.

Watch the emotional video in its entirety below: