TV’s Sexiest Latin Men

Latin men have been bringing massive sex appeal to television since Cuban actor Desi Arnaz debuted as Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy (1951). Half a century later, our hombres have gotten even hotter! Check out’s list of TV’s sexiest hunks, including our Sexiest Male Star of the Year, and vote for who you think is a hottie (or nottie)! But be warned: It's hot in here!

1. Hot TV Men - Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt:
Age: 46
Beard or no beard, long hair or short hair, scruffy or clean cut. None of that matters when it comes to Peruvian hunk Benjamin Bratt. We’ve loved Ben for years, but he really stole our hearts as William Banks, a recovering drug addict who helps other addicts get clean by any means neccesary on A&E’s The Cleaner. Plus, the way he gushes over his gorgeous wife proves that he's as dreamy in real life as he looks. Need we say more?

2. Hot TV Men - Tristan Wilds

Tristan Wilds:
Age: 20
The world can’t resist the charms of Dominican actor Tristan Wilds. He’s only 20 years old has already earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of Michael Lee on the gritty HBO drama The Wire. Wilds is currently starring as Dixon Wilson on the CW's 90210 reboot and can be spotted on the silver screen soon in Red Tails, George Lucas's new film about the Tuskegee Airmen. We can't lie, Wilds gorgeous smile and delicious dimples don't hurt one bit, but it's his talent and potential that really drives the girls wild.

3. Hot TV Men - Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell:
Age: 42
Only one man on TV can wear guyliner and still manage to look sexy—and that man is Nestor Carbonell. The actor—best known for his role as the mysterious Richard Alpert on ABC’s epic series, Lost—actually comes by his dark brood naturally and this Cuban hunk is one pretty boy who's brains are as big as his brawn. Nestor graduated from Harvard University in the late 80s with a degree in English, and we can't say we're surprised: He’s one summa cum hottie!

4. Hot TV Men - Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr.:
Age: 34
Freddie is truly a prince charming. The dreamy Boricua actor—who currently stars as ex-Marine Cole Ortiz on the eighth season of FOX’s 24—has an infectious, bright smile that lights up a room and a boyish charm that makes chicas want to bring him home to mom. Deep down, Freddie’s kind of a geek—he collects comic books and watches WWE—but he’s also skilled in the martial arts (those abs had to come from somewhere, right?). But the sexiest thing about Freddie is that he’s incredibly modest. He once joked that if he didn’t handle his bushy eyebrows, he would look like Bert from Sesame Street. Trust us, Freddie: You and Bert look nothing alike!

5. Hot TV Men - Jon Seda

Jon Seda
Age: 39
There aren’t too many men who can look handsome and sexy while rocking a long pony-tail, but that’s exactly what John Seda did when he starred opposite Jennifer Lopez in 1997’s Selena. This Boricua heartthrob and former boxer, who isn’t afraid to look scruffy, is currently adding tons of raw, masculine sex appeal to the cast of Steven Spielberg’s HBO World War 2 mini-series, The Pacific, as Sgt. John Basilone, a Marine with an insatiable appetite for battle.

6. Hot TV Men - Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro:
Age: 34
He plays Detective Nate Morreta on TNT’s riveting drama, Southland, and we have to admit: We wouldn’t mind getting arrested by Mexican actor Kevin Alejandro. The ultimate pretty boy, Kevin’s a sharp dressing dude who pulls off a suit better than anyone else on TV. But the sexiest thing about Kevin is that he’s willing to take on challenging roles to hone his craft. Next month, he will recur on HBO’s hit series True Blood in the role of Jesus Velasquez, Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) same-sex lover. How hot is that?

7. Hot TV Men - Kirk Acevedo

Kirk Acevedo
Age: 35
He’s got big eyes, big muscles and a big heart—those are the reasons we love Boricua actor Kirk Acevedo. Best known for his roles as Miguel Alavarez in HBO’s Oz and Charlie Francis on FOX’s hit series, Fringe, the actor is one ruggedly handsome man whose most unique feature is his super-masculine voice.

8. Hot TV Men - Micheal Trevino

Michael Trevino
Age: 25
Michael Trevino’s got a hot bod and a chiseled face to matchg, but those aren’t the only reasons women can’t get enough of this hot young actor, who stars on the CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries. Ladies also love the fact that Michael doesn’t know how good looking he is. He's going to have to get used the attention, especially since his VD character will be turning into a super-hot werewolf ala Taylor Lautner in Twilight, next season. “With all due respect to Taylor and his 18-pack abs,” Michael told us, “my werewolf is going to be 100 times cooler.” 

9. Hot TV Men - Adam Rodriguez

Sexiest Male Star of the Year

Adam Rodriguez
Age: 35
For eight seasons, this hunky, part-Cuban, part-Boricua actor has been making female audiences swoon as forensics expert Eric Delko on CBS’s hit police procedural, CSI: Miami. From his luscious lips to his adorable dimples to that perfectly chiseled physique—Adam is one smoking hot policia. Even Ana Ortiz got all hot and bothered (well, maybe not bothered) when Adam guest starred as Bobby Talercio on Ugly Betty’s final season: “Adam is soooo smoking hot! It makes my job really hard,” Ortiz joked.

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