Video: "American Idol" Sends Tatiana Del Toro Packing

Say goodbye to trainwreck du jour, Tatiana Del Toro! The San Juan, Puerto Rico native was cut from American Idol last night, after performing a cover of Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love for You" that, while arguably one of the better female performances of the night, just wasn't enough to woo the voters at home.

A ever so finely coiffed Ryan Seacrest delivered the news to the hyper-emotional Del Toro, who quickly lost the calm and collected facade she'd tried to portray on the live show and morphed into La Llorona, burying her face in her hands and sobbing. Danny Gokey, the contestant who learned that he'd advanced to Idol's Top 12 at Del Toro's expense, paid hardly any mind to his competitor as she burst into tears, reveling in his own success and diving into an overblown rendition of Mariah Carey's "Hero" that ended with Gokey lamely outstretching his arm towards his fans, which is quickly becoming his go-to move. (Can you tell who we're rooting against?)

Joining Gokey in the Top 12 was cutiepie single mom Alexis Grace and blue collar hero Michael Tarver, while nine other hopefuls, including Del Toro, saw their dreams of stardom quickly come to an end.

Out of those nine, three were people of color, which as any Idol-watcher knows, is a ginormous percentage. It begs the question...will this new semi-final format put minority contestants—even awesomely nerdish, early '90s R&B-singing ones like Anoop Desai—at a disadvantage and result in a whitewashed season? We're thinking it just might.

What do you think?