Tweets Attack Multilingual Coca Cola Commercial

Coca Cola America the Beautiful Super Bowl commercial

The amount of uproar a Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial has caused is enough to make us question our sanity. The commercial depicts scenes from everyday life–with families and friends–with many voices singing "America the Beautiful." The twist? The song is sung in different languages, highlighting the diversity in this country we call home.

But some felt the need to bash the commercial, taking to twitter to voice their outrage. The hashtags #SpeakAmerican, #BoycottCoke and #fuckcoke all started trending mere moments after the commercial aired. 

Read the tweets below:

@RealTrueCon: “#Characters in these Cola commercials, from Mexicans to Indians, learn to #SpeakAmerican already! Or better don’t be in em.”

I think it's such an injustice to play "America The Beautiful" in Spanish #FuckCoke — Jordan Douglass (@Jordan_Doug93) February 3, 2014

That coke commercial where they have national anthem song in different languages is disrespectful #speakenglish #fuckcoke I will have pepsi — Andrew Ricciardi (@andrewricciardi) February 3, 2014





Um, OK. There's a lot to address here so let's start with the most egregious error: #SpeakAmerican. Who speaks American? Answer: no one. American is not a language. (Or were we asleep during that class in school?) 

It seems that before others call out for so many others to use English, they should probably have a firm handle on the language first. Unless "American" is a code word for English with bad grammar and spelling. If so, these twitter users are completely fluent.

If you're going to present an argument based on nationalism or your country, you should probably know that "America the Beautiful" is not our national anthem. 

We'd also like to remind everyone that while English is the most used language in the U.S., it is by no means the official language. We don't have one of those. That's right–the United States of America has never declared an official language. Who knows? By 3023 the most used language in the U.S. could be Swahili. (Highly unlikely, but it could happen!). The point is, you don't get to pretend that English is the only language that can be used in the U.S. when there is no mandate to even SPEAK the language in the first place.

Watch the video and let us know what you thought of it.