7 Best Moments From 'The Fosters' Season 1

May is National Foster Care Month. This month marks a time when we acknowledge and express our gratitude to those who provide a helping hand to children in foster care, including professionals, foster parents, mentors, and others. Jennifer Lopez and ABC Family's The Fosters highlights a fictional couple that takes in foster children out of the goodness of their heart. In recognition of Foster Care Month and how much we love The Fosters, here are the seven best moments from season one:

1. Wedding of Lena and Stef

Lena and Stef's Wedding

Lena and Stef finally getting married was a huge moment on The Fosters. Not only did it mark a major turning point on the show, it also spread awareness on the importance of marriage equality.

2. Mariana and Callie

Mariana and Callie's Sisterly Bonding

When Callie comes to visit for a family gathering for the first time since since she ran away, she and Mariana find themselves having a true sister moment. Mariana realizes that the house really is incomplete without Callie and Callie realizes just how much she misses everyone.

3. Jesus and Mariana

Mariana's Quince

In season one, we see twins Mariana and Jesus celebrate their 15th birthday with a beautiful quiceañera Lena and Stef throw for Mariana, helping her embrace her Latino culture. This episode is also when Mariana finds out that Jesus and Lexi have been dating behind her back.

4. Lena and Stef

Lena and Stef's Baby News

Another one of the best moments between Lena and Stef is when the two finally agree that Lena's pregnancy is an amazing blessing, and keeping the baby will be a great thing for their family.

5. Callie and Jude

Callie and Jude's Adoption Day

The season finale of The Fosters was also one of the biggest moments of their lives. After being brought in as foster children, Callie and Jude prepared to be adopted. Although an obstacle landed in the way of Callie's adoption, Jude was still able to officially be named a Foster. A thrilling and heartwarming moment for everyone!

6. Mariana and boyfriend

Mariana's Boyfriend

In the second half of season one, audiences are introduced to Mariana's first real boyfriend. We love the scene where she visits his home for dinner and the two share their first real kiss.

7. Callie and Brandon

Callie and Brandon's Kiss

Ah, the kiss that made everything go awry. We're not too sure if we were ever Brallie fans, as we felt they were better off seeing each other as brother and sister, but the moment they kiss in the yard was monumental. It was the reason Callie ran away but also when they both realized that what they were feeling for each other was much more than just a physical attraction.