10 Telenovelas With the Cheesiest Openers

With overdramatic acting and improbable story lines, every telenovela is its own unique spectacle. So the opening credits, which try to quickly give a taste of the story, have to match it in style. In short: the result can be hilarious. Just know we won’t judge you if you catch yourself singing along to any of the 10 cheesiest telenovela openers: 

1. La Fea Mas Bella

Goofy behavior is what you can expect from someone who is portraying a socially awkward person, but it’s not the only reason this opener earns its place on this list. The sound effects and people’s moving faces superimposed on pages is so corny. Still, it’s completely understandable if this video puts a smile on your face. 

2. Soñadoras

To its credit, Soñadoras features four female friends who look as though they are genuinely having fun. The beginning starts off with green-screened clouds, which is bad enough, but then Ariel Lopez Padilla decides to take turning around very seriously. The intense look in his eyes when his face is revealed and his arm gesture make it hard not to laugh out loud. And it’s just not him, the dreamers also pose with giant shapes on the beach. 

3. Agujetas de Color de Rosa

This video has all the peppiness, but the choreographed dances work against making it cool. Since the show is aimed at children, there is a certain level of cheesiness expected. It still doesn’t justify the scene where light is used to highlight a character’s eyes. Instead of looking old-time Hollywood and glamorous, it is jarring.

4. Dos Mujeres, Un Camino

This Erik Estrada-fronted telenovela gets no points for subtlety. For the intro, there are literally two women on a road representing the main character’s dilemma. It goes a little heavy on the smoke machine when the women are introduced. And something that plagues these opening credits, as well as other ones, is the tacky font used for the show’s title or the actors’ names. 

5. Un Gancho al Corazón

For starters, the title of the telenovela has a boxing glove punch through a heart. Then, we see Valentina Lerdo de Tejada’s life as a boxer, which she can’t seem to let go of when she’s off the ring. That’s right. She decides to choke someone in an office setting, which doesn’t even make sense, as this isn’t allowed in boxing. Unfortunately, a woman who is kicking ass doesn’t save this video from being cheesy.  

6. Al Diablo Con Los Guapos

This seems like another super serious telenovela at first with the actors pouting into the camera. And then at around the 30-second mark, it takes on a whole Yakety Sax tone as the music picks up and a butler chases two people. But the show is not as lighthearted as the introduction would lead you to believe. 

7. Muchachitas Como Tú

This has a Soñadoras feel, but it’s missing the playful interaction between the main stars. It also looks much older than a show that aired on Univision in 2007. The worst part is when the girls put on their sunglasses, their names appear on them. Eek! 

8. Lazos de Amor

The first thing you need to know is that Lucero plays triplets. You see three versions of the triplets ranging from infancy to young adulthood in this introduction, which appears to take place in a room with tinfoil walls. The whole video is very shiny, but it’s also… smokey? It’s kind of a head scratcher. 

9. Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe

This cheesy opener is almost entirely shot against a green screen, with large coins serving as the backdrop. There’s also plenty of graphics interacting with the actors, something that doesn’t age quite well. The whole thing is just too flashy for its own good, but at least it keeps money on your mind. 

10. Yo Amo a Juan Querendón

Where do we even start? There are graphics, such as birds and a blooming rose, next to the actors’ names. This video starts the cheese early on. As soon as Eduardo Santamarina steps off a bus, he starts shaking his hips while simultaneously posing. There are sound effects, a little duck face and a complicated story arch presented in less than two minutes. Watch it, and then watch it again.