Here We Go Again: Another 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch Mocking Latinos

Kenan Thompson as David Ortiz on Saturday Night LIve: Weekend Update

We feel like a broken record, but here it is: Saturday Night Live has yet again taken aim at Latinos, without, you know, actually having a Latino on cast. Really cool. In the newest sketch, Kenan Thompson plays Red Sox baseball player David Ortiz, honing in on his thick accent and his Dominican background. The entire sketch is centered around Ortiz's love for Dominican food. Because what else is a Latino but a lover of tostones with a thick accent? Cue the laughs!

We're not above poking fun at ourselves. But that's just it -- we're not. It's others poking fun at us. And this isn't the first time this has happened. Cecily Strong has been known to play Latinas, with the latest sketch portraying a Latina as a ditzy woman with thick accent, complete with a bright red flower in her hair.

SNL, just hire some damn Latinos already.

Watch the clip below and let us know: do you find this offensive?