Pedro Pascal of 'Game of Thrones' Talks About the Future of Prince Oberyn

Pedro Pascal of 'Game of Thrones' Talks About the Future of Prince Oberyn
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Spoiler alert! Is there a future for Prince Oberyn?

If you watched Game of Thrones on Sunday, then you're quite aware of the fact that Pedro Pascal's character, Prince Oberyn, suffered a gruesome death.

In Sunday's episode, "The Mountain and the Viper," Prince Oberyn had The Mountain defeated but wanted a confession, finding himself making the age-old error of talking rather than striking. Oberyn's actions eventually resulted in his demise, dying in the hands of The Mountain who gouged out his eyes and continued striking all the way to his brain.

(So yes, fans, Prince Oberyn is really dead.)

"We had a lot of fun," Pascal told Vulture about his final scene.

"It was still really, really challenging, and I was totally intimidating, and I wanted to get it right -- for the readers, for the production, and for me. And everything lined up in my favor. Stepping into it was a really scary thing, but the doing of it was the most fun I ever had. It was nuts! With hundreds of extras watching, a lot of the main characters watching. It was big."

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pascal also dished about what his last day on set was like.

"It was really lovely and peaceful," the Chilean American actor told EW. "It was the scene strolling through the garden with Lena Headey and the last thing they shot was when I was looking out into at Adriatic Sea."

"Then I tore off my costume and jumped into the ocean," Pascal added. "Then I said goodbye to everybody and got in the van and rode to the airport."