Majandra Delfino Talks ‘Friends With Better Lives’, Motherhood & Never Being Cast as a Latina

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What’s your biggest takeaway when it comes to balancing parenting and working?

We have this [goal] that we want to do everything and we want to do it perfectly, and it’s never going to happen that way. You’re crazy if you think I’m going to work more than a full day on set and then have dinner on the table every night. Something’s going to suffer, that’s just the nature of it. And it’s like, I don’t want my daughter to think that it has to be that way – that I’m setting this precedent of being a robot who can get everything done and, more importantly, has to get everything done. I’m not going to pretend that I can do it all – I can’t.

In order for something to be good, something else has to be not as good. So whether that means you have to make your meal in a microwave one night or whatever it is, there are sacrifices. But I think, for me, it’s all about family. As long as everyone’s healthy and fed and together, that’s it. That’s success. You don’t have to be a perfect human being. Give yourself a break.

Would you want your children to go into acting?

Oh, God no. No, no. I would be somewhat disappointed, but if they graduated from college and had an educated point of view on it and knew what it really entailed to some capacity, then OK. I could come to grips with a well-rounded decision. But child acting? No way.

So if your kids were like, “I want to act!” you’d tell them no.

100 percent. [laughs] I just want them to enjoy life for a bit longer. Be kids.

You’re a singer-songwriter, as well. Do you enjoy one or the other more? Or do you get something out of them that’s different?

That’s interesting. I’d say that in terms of songwriting, it’s great because my brain is creating something that’s from me, as opposed to being a facilitator of someone’s creation. But that is also much more involved – the mood has to strike me. There has to be a certain environment and it’s more of an indulgence. Whereas working on a role, it’s still being creative but it’s less of a personal project. You’re given the material and you work with it. So they’re both, you know, art-based but they fulfill different things for sure.

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