The Most Real 'Louie' Episode Yet Talks "Fat Girls"

Louis CK and Sarah Baker in the So Did the Fat Lady episode of Louie

Louis C.K. paid a tribute to women during two recent episodes of his FX series Louie.

In one of the episodes, "So Did The Fat Lady," Louis C.K. is pursued by a self-proclaimed "fat girl" named Vanessa. After much hesitation, Louis decides to go on a date with Vanessa. During their outing, Louie tells Vanessa, "You're not fat," in an effort to prove that the reason he took so long to take her out had nothing to do with her physical appearance.

Those three words prompt Vanessa to deliver a bracing monologue about women and the burden of a non-perfect body. "You know what the meanest thing is you can say to a fat girl? 'You're not fat,'" Vanessa says. Watch the entire scene below: