12 Latino Stars You Never Knew Were in Your Favorite Shows

When you turn on the TV, do you often wish that there were more Latino faces on screen? We do, too! But, we were shocked to find out that some of our favorite shows already had Latino stars. 

From Ed Weeks to James Roday, these 12 actors star in your favorite TV shows (and you probably never even knew they were Latino!)

1. The Mindy Project

Add this to the list of reasons The Mindy Project is one of the best shows on television. Ed Weeks, who plays suave British doctor Jeremy Reed, is Salvadoran! His mother hails from El Salvador, although Weeks was born and raised in Britain. 

2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Who knew? Charisma Carpenter, who played self-absorbed teenager Cordelia Chase on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, is part-Spanish. “You need to get it out that I’m a proud Latina!” she told us in 2011. 

3. Psych

James Roday, who played Shawn Spencer on Psych, was born James David Rodriguez. An executive at ABC suggested that he change his name back in the 90s, and the alias stuck. Despite the name change, the actor is Mexican-American.

4. Once Upon A Time

The Evil Queen is.... Latina? Yes, Lana Parrilla, the star of Once Upon A Time, is Puerto Rican and proud. 


5. Gilmore Girls

Who knew? Alexis Bledel, who played Rory Gilmore on The Gilmore Girls, is Argentinian-American! The Latina grew up in a Spanish-speaking household in Houston, Texas. In fact, she didn't speak English at all until she started grade school. 

6. 7th Heaven

How awesome is this? David Gallagher, who played Simon Camden on 7th Heaven, is Latino! His mother, Elena Lopez, is of Cuban descent. 

7. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

We grew up watching Ashley Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airand never knew she was Latina! Tatyana Ali is Afro-Panamanian on her mother's side and Indo-Trinidadian on her father's side. 

8. Lost

Several Latinos starred on Lost, but there's one character we never expected to have Latin roots. Desmond Hume, the Scottish soldier, was played by Latino actor Henry Ian Cusick. Cusick is Scottish by birth, but his mother is Peruvian! 

9. Scandal

Everyone loves Scandal these days, but few people know one of the main characters is Latino. Yep, Guilerrmo Diaz, who plays Huck, is Cubano. 

10. Glee

Okay, we know: Naya Rivera plays Santana, and she's brilliant. But, she's not the only Latino on the show! Blake Jenner and Harry Shum Jr., who play Ryder Lynn and Mike Chang on Glee, both have Latin roots. Jenner is Cuban-American, and Shum Jr. is Costa Rican-American!