10 Fierce Latina Queens from 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

Already on its sixth season, RuPaul’s Drag Race has become a vehicle for some of the fiercest drag queens all over the world looking to become bone fide superstars. So it’s no surprise that more than just a few Latina drag queens have sashayed their way in front of RuPaul to prove they have the look, the talent and the mascara to come out on top, or at least to go on reality TV without losing their wigs. Although a Latina drag queen has yet to win the big enchilada, their peers have crowned several of these ladies “Miss Congeniality.”

Season six of the competition show is currently airing on Logo. This year, the series began with not one but three Latina contestants, and all of these chicas salvajes have a real chance of snatching the crown. Vamos, Ru! We think America is ready for a Latina drag superstar.

Check out our favorite Latina contestants from this season and seasons past.

1. Adore Delano

Adore Delano

Danny Noriega has already left quite the impression on reality TV by being one of the very first openly gay contestants on American Idol. Now – as Adore Delano – she’s winning over audiences with her wicked sense of humor on the current sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Oh, and did we mention that this queen can sing? When Adore opens her mouth (whether to make a snide remark or to belt her little lungs out) no one else can take the spotlight from her. But will she be the ultimate triple threat? 

2. Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera

Perhaps no other queen has had the glitzy post-Drag Race career that Carmen Carrera has had. After appearing on season three, this glamazon of Puerto Rican and Peruvian descent posed for a fashion spread in W magazine. She continues to strut runways and is quickly becoming an icon for the trans community. There was even a petition going around last year to have her be the first trans woman to model in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

3. Yara Sofia

Yara Sofia

The Puerto Rican drag queen from season three became a fan favorite with her jaw-dropping, Carnival-inspired outfits and her affinity for colored contact lenses. And who can forget her saucy catchphrase, Echa Pa’lante? Even though her Britney-esque breakdown during her lip sync elimination was a tragic hot mess, she had enough support from her fans that RuPaul decided to bring her back for the All Stars season.

4. Nina Flowers

Nina Flowers

There is only one word we can use to describe this Puerto Rican queen from season one: polished. Nina Flowers began performing in her native San Juan, eventually winning two drag pageants, before coming to the U.S. and taking the scene by storm. She got second place on Drag Race season one, but many fans still make a strong case why she should have won.

5. Bianca del Rio

Bianca del Rio

This queen is half Cuban and half Honduran and full on fierce. Before appearing on the current season of Drag Race, Bianca was performing in New York City and winning awards for her impeccable costumes and dresses – a skill that has already garnered her positive attention from RuPaul. Some fans predict Bianca will end up being one of the top three queens standing at the end of the competition.

6. Jessica Wild

Jessica Wild

Originally from San Juan, Jessica Wild was first dismissed as just another pretty queen as a Drag Race contestant on season two. Her determination, however, drove her to appear in a music video for Calle 13 and perform onstage with the equally wild Gloria Trevi. Following in the footsteps of Nina Flowers, Jessica Wila also competed in the popular Puerto Rican series, Objetivo Fama.

7. Alexis Mateo

Alexis Mateo

The former Disney World performer of Puerto Rican descent went on to win drag pageants in Florida before making it onto the third season of Drag Race. Her famous catchphrase (BAM!) and her fishy ways (“fish” is a term in the drag community to describe a queen that passes for a real woman) landed her a spot on the All Stars season, where she competed alongside fellow Puerto Rican Yara Sofia.

8. April Carrion

April Carrion

Even though April Carrion was just eliminated in the last episode of Drag Race, she is not disappearing from our radar anytime soon. The Puerto Rican sensation wowed fans with her charming personality and cute-boys looks (even guest judge Adam Lambert fell in love). She has already begun a campaign to get back in front of RuPaul for an All Stars season.

9. Kenya Michaels

Kenya Michaels

How can we not love a pint-size drag queen with a foul mouth? Originally from Puerto Rico, Kenya Michaels threatened to teach her fellow queens some mean-spirited Spanish during season four. Mira mi cabello, perra! She told the haters. Her feisty ways convinced RuPaul to bring her back mid-season, but she was ultimately eliminated soon after.

10. Madame LaQueer

Madame LaQueer

There must be something in Puerto Rico’s water and RuPaul knows it. Finishing off the list of prestige Puerto Rican queens who have appeared on Drag Race is Madame LaQueer. This big girl had a big personality that unfortunately did not always translate well to reality TV. Madame LaQueer bowed out only a few episodes into season four.