EXCLUSIVE: Judy Reyes Talks New Kids TV Show Project 'La Golda'

EXCLUSIVE: Judy Reyes Talks New Kids TV Show Project 'La Golda'
Mitch Jenkins

The ladies of Devious Maids are embarking on a new project: children's programming. Co-stars Roselyn Sanchez and Judy Reyes are breathing new life into kids TV with their new project, La Golda. 

La Golda focuses on the adventures of an eight-year-old orphan who has bounced around from orphanage to orphanage. Despite her rough-and-tumble background, the enthusiastic orphan has two passions: soccer and building a better world for children like her! 

The show, which is spearheaded by Reyes's partner George Valencia, reached their Kickstarter goal in late 2013. Now, the team -- which includes Valencia, Reyes, Sanchez, and Sanchez's husband Eric Winter, can begin making the show.

The mission of La Golda is simple: to give children a positive role model that can help them learn to embrace and respect people who are different, to teach them social lessons about friendship, and create a basic understand of vocabularly and numbers. Produced in both English and Spanish, the animation also hopes to appeal to multicultural families. 

We caught up with Judy Reyes, who herself has a young daughter, to talk about the project and its impact upon kids: 

So tell us about La GoldaWhy should kids watch it? 

Well, it's a show about an orphan soccer-playing superhero, who, along with her teams, goes all over the world! George Valencia, who's my partner and baby daddy, has been working on the project for four years. It has a much deeper mission that what you'd expect. She's a superhero who has a passion for soccer, but there's also many life lessons that you can actually learn. 

It deals with actual issues that you may face in life and in soccer -- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it ends up with a tie. 

Was your four-year-old daughter, Leila Rey, an inspiration when creating this series? 

Absolutely! When George and I had our daughter -- she was the inspiration! It's the benefit of being older parents. Most women in our careers -- I think by virtue of choosing career first -- we just have kids a little older. The benefit of that is just -- being a little more chill as parents, I think. Once we had our daughter -- just speaking for George and myself -- she changed our lives. I think this new-age feeling in terms of spirituality. These kids come with everything. You learn so much when you're kids instead of the other way around. In efforts to socialize them, we change them instead of letting them change us. So, that's how we're treating this animation. Shaping kids, but letting kids just change you. 

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