What's With All The Relationship Videos, Juan Pablo? Watch now!

Juan Pablo Galavis at the American Music Awards
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Uh....The Bachelor or aspiring filmmaker?

Juan Pablo Galavis showed off his iMovie skills earlier this week when he released a video montage of pictures of him and his chosen one, Nikki Ferrell. 

"Amor @Nikki_Ferrell, glad that we stay TRUE to ourselves and we are REAL... This is for YOU," he tweeted late Tuesday night alongside the sentimental video. The romantic gesture followed a wave of backlash over a disappointing season that ended with Galavis' refusal to tell Ferrell he loved her. 

The video, titled "Adventures In Loving You," is three and a half minutes of snapshots of the couple paired with an original song...set to lyrics written by El Bachelor himself!

"Love comes quickly when it's meant to be," the lyrics read. "So here we are and a rose is all I got. You're the only woman for me. Your love is like a deep blue sea."

Watch the video and decide for yourself: cute? Or unbearably mushy?

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In an awkward twist of fate, it seems Ferrell isn't the only chica with her own Juan Pablo original music video. Back in 2009, the Venezuelan reality TV star made a similar video for his baby mamá, Carla Rodriguez. 

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