EXCLUSIVE: Juan Pablo di Pace Talks "Explosive" New Season of 'Dallas'


What are some of the challenges associated with playing such a conniving character? 

I was thrown into the deep end. It was the perfect way to start, because the first scene I was thrown into every character. So, it was myself and every other character in the series. Everybody was there! Nicolás comes in with a bang and kind of imposes something on everyone else. You just know there’s something fishy about this guy, but at the same time, Nicolás is a very charming character. I think the producers were thinking slightly along the lines of James Bond: very charming, very sweet...and then all of the sudden, this guy is getting away with murder! So, I think that’s how it fits. It’s a very interesting part...for me, it’s amazing because there’s so many colors. It’s the kind of part you can explore tons of qualities and get away with them. That’s why I think it fits well from the beginning of the season...he’s a nice fit. 

So, you’ve lived in a ton of places: you’re from Argentina, but you’ve lived in London and Italy. How do you stay in touch with your culture while living in different places? 

I watch a lot of stuff on the Internet, especially since I’m from Argentina and I love all the cinema that comes out of there. In fact, Spanish cinema is on a high note. We tend to make things with very little. We don’t spend a lot of money making things, but we have a lot of creativity and that really shows. It’s one of the things I’m really about in terms of where Latin entertainment is going.. from cinema to soap operas...and now soap operas are huge and the production value is amazing! You have these amazing studios putting a lot of their money into them, because the audience is as big as ever and growing. 

So, I guess I have to hop and jump between countries...and I don’t know where home is anymore. I had a dream when I was a boy. I was about sixteen, and I told my mom, “I want to live in Europe.” She said, “No way! You’re not leaving home until you’re 21.” There was a notice on the board at school that said there’s a British school in Italy, and we need applicants. It was a full scholarship. So, I just kind of went along and I took the test and I got it. I got the scholarship, so I obviously shut my parents out and said, “Listen, you don’t need to give me a dime. I’m just going.” So, that was my first kind of move to Europe..as a student. Once I was in Italy and finished school, I thought about where in the world I can pursue acting and performing. The choices were either New York, L.A., or London. I chose London, because it was the closest one to Italy. I stayed in London for 10 years, and most of my career happened in London. The last four years, I spent in Spain.

Now, I’m in the U.S. Really, the U.S. was my first goal. So, after all these years I feel like I’ve come full circle because I’ve always wanted to work in the states. But, I guess everything was training ground that prepared me for this -- for what’s happening now. 

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