EXCLUSIVE: Juan Pablo di Pace Talks "Explosive" New Season of 'Dallas'

Juan Pablo di Pace at the Dallas Season 3 screening

The lies, deception, betrayals, and murders are legendary. The drama is iconic. But, prepare yourself: this season will be the most explosive of all. TNT'sdrama Dallas returns tonight, and we caught up with Juan Pablo Di Pace to talk about season three of the thrilling series.

The Argentinian actor gave us a sneak peek of the new season, gave us a glimpse of his mysterious character Nicolás Treviño, and chatted with us about his Latino heritage:

Tell us about your character on Dallas. 

Basically, the character Nicolás [Treviño] is a very interesting guy. He’s the kind of character you don’t expect to give you so much, and then you realize he’s got all kinds of backstories and lies. The secrets keep coming. As the episodes go through, you think one thing and then later on you realize -- hold on a minute -- he’s about something completely different! So, it’s a very cool role to play, because basically I’m asked to play an actor. You know, someone who switches from one situation to the next -- from one conversation with a person to another conversation with another person. He sees, in every opportunity, something to get. It’s very Dallas. 

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