8 Best Latino Moments on HBO's 'Looking'

HBO's Looking wrapped up its first season earlier this month, leaving us with the most bittersweet and three-dimensional portrayal of a gay biracial relationship on television since… well, ever. The show centers on Patrick (played by Jonathan Groff), an uptight game designer "looking" for a relationship; he eventually falls in lust with Richie (played by Raul Castillo), a scruffy Mexican barber with a tendency to play the bass to Maná songs while naked in bed. What could go wrong?

Well, how about societal pressures, bouts of machismo and major attitude from judgmental Agustin (played by Frankie J. Alvarez), the Cuban American best friend who doesn’t want to share the spotlight with another Latino. Looking’s two Latino characters not only discard any hint of tokenism, but they also prove that there’s more than just one overarching Latino narrative. The fact that Richie and Agustin are as different as dia y noche is TV's testament that not all Latinos share the same experiences -- whether gay or straight.

Check out our eight favorite moments from Looking:

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