EXCLUSIVE: The Latinas Of 'Orange Is The New Black' Talk Season 2

Cancel your weekend plans: the sophomore season of Orange Is The New Black hits Netflix on Friday, June 6th. 

Everybody's favorite, irreverent prison drama is back, and jam-packed with more bathroom fights, maxi pad inventions, and kitchen coup d'etats

In preparation for the release, we caught up with the Latina stars of the show to get the scoop on what to expect from season two: 

1. Selenis Leyva

Selenis Leyva | Gloria Mendoza

On what to expect in the kitchen: "It’s a good season. I think you guys are going to be stuck in front of the TV, because it’s a really good one. We’ve gone so deep into all of the characters, and there’s a lot of surprises. It’s really good. [Gloria's] still in the kitchen. She’s running it. She’s still around, and she’s making her presence known. You’re gonna see a lot more of Gloria, which I’m excited about, because the first season was all about these great one liners that I was given -- [I was a] Latina firecracker who always had a little wise comment."

2. Laura Gomez

Laura Gomez | Blanca Flores aka Diablo Girl

On whether or not Diablo Girl is actually crazy: "I am in more episodes than I was in season one. But, there will be some surprises in terms of this person's psychology. She seems very crazy in season one, but perhaps she's not as crazy as it may seem. She's pretty smart. And, there's some conflict with the Latinas now."

3. Jackie Cruz

Jackie Cruz | Marisol Gonzalez aka Flaca

On updating her prison wardrobe: "I would try to make them into little shorts. If I could make my own, I would make little mini shorts -- high-waisted shorts. I would put my pants on high, and I would cut them really short -- as short as I could. I'd definitely make a crop-top or something, and be a little sexy in prison. I'd put little books under my boots, so I can be taller, because you know you gotta model it in prison." 

4. Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez Aleida Diaz

On what to expect from Aleida: "She's still a shining example of what not to be as a mother. She stil gives unbelievably insane advice, unbeknownst to her how inappropriate it is. You know, good old Aleida." 

5. Jessica Pimentel

Jessica Pimentel | Maria Ruiz

On rocking orange off-set: "I love the color orange, actually. It makes me very happy and cheerful. I don't have that much orange clothing, but I do love the color orange. I have an orange sweater that I wear in the summer, and I still have that and I love it. I feel orange and black is more Halloween than the show, so I think more of Halloween than the show."

6. Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco | Daya Diaz

On what's next for her character: "There's a lot of maturing for Daya. She's mending her relationship with her mother, but still being stubborn. There's a lot of blending in with other characters. I'm really excited on how the audience will engage. There will be a lot of unexpected outcomes in this season."

7. Diane Guerrero

Diane Guerrero | Maritza Ramos

On prison beauty routines: "What happens is -- we have a commissary where we’re allowed to have certain things, and eyeliner is one of them. But you know, in prison you can definitely mix some stuff up in the kitchen to get a little eyeliner -- a little carbon. I think Blanca and I do get our eyeliner from the commissary, our people hook us up, we make sure we have eyeliner, nothing else, but definitely the eyeliner."