‘Enlisted’ Star Angelique Cabral Opens Up About Being 'De-Hollywooded' At Boot Camp


When the members of the cast of FOX’s new comedic drama TV show “Enlisted” began filming, they did not know all the intricacies and practices of military protocol.

This led to some mistakes that can be seen in the first episode regarding posture and attitude unbecoming of U.S. soldiers.

This was quickly addressed and cast members Angelique Cabral, Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell and Parker Young were “strongly suggested” they make a trip to boot camp to get a taste of the real deal.

“We were not told the extent of boot camp,” said actress Cabral, who plays hard-as-nails Sergeant Jill Perez.

Along with veteran actor Keith David, the four actors travelled to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, for a little army basic training — and boy did they get it.

“We were told we would have down time so I packed clothes and makeup,” Cabral told Fox News Latino, adding it was the complete opposite. “When we got there, they confiscated our contraband which was everything — cell phones, computers, cameras.”

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