15 Things That Have Defined ‘El Gordo Y La Flaca’

In the 15 years that El Gordo y La Flaca has been on air, the two hosts have seen countless costume changes, guests and life moments side by side. The entertainment show was built specifically around ex-paparazzo Raúl De Molina and Lili Estefan, Emilio Estefan’s niece, and it has turned out to be an excellent casting choice. Not only has it been a success since it’s debut, it is now the No. 1 weekday gossip and entertainment news program, according to Univision. These 15 things have defined the show's run: 

1. From homey to high-tech

From homey to high-tech

When the show started, it seemed as though it was filmed in someone’s living room. But this intimate setting welcomed guests like Celia Cruz. In the past few years, the set has become modern, but so has the show itself. One of their recent episodes was dedicated to having reached 1 million followers on Twitter, and they love to participate in Throwback Thursday. 

2. But not everything has changed

But not everything has changed

La Flaca looks exactly the same as she did in 1998. What’s more, her style has barely changed in that time. She still loves her hair blonde and her skirts short. But the 46-year-old has great gams. Can you blame her? 

3. There's energy to spare

There’s energy to spare

Raúl and Lili are so peppy. Sometimes they end up talking over one another or just speaking too fast, proving just how enthusiastic they still are after 15 years. And the other members of their team are just as passionate and excited. 

4. They get celebrities to loosen up

They get celebrities to loosen up

Some big names have been guests on the show, and they’re not just sitting on a couch talking to El Gordo y La Flaca. Shakira hopped into a cage with Raúl. William Levy grabbed Lili’s leg and gave her a massage. And Thalia joined Lili in New York to take on Times Square, where they walked through the crowd without security.  

5. They love Halloween

They love Halloween

These two may not love anything else more than Halloween. Every year they go all out with their costumes. He has been a pumpkin, Michael Jackson, a hamburger and Gerard Piqué. She has dressed as a showgirl, mariachi, Don Quixote and Shakira. They love to match. 

6. And any excuse to dress up

And any excuse to dress up

They are in costume just as often as they are not. Their famous parodies give them another reason to dress up. They have channeled Rebelde by dressing up in school uniforms, and Lili wore a leotard with cutouts to imitate Shakira in "She Wolf." Plus, the two really love to run with a theme. When they were getting a new set, they wore hard hats and pretended to be construction workers. 

7. Celebrity gossip is a show staple

Celebrity gossip is a show staple

Aside from having celebrities come on and discuss personal matters, such as Thalia and Jenni Rivera have done, the show also centers around current gossip. After Justin Bieber’s arrest, they decided to have a look at other celebrities’ mugshots. Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson, Pablo Montero and Paris Hilton made the list. 

8. Martica’s Rise

Martica’s Rise

Marta “Martica” Rodriguez was brought on the team specifically to make coffee for the cast and crew of El Gordo y La Flaca. Eventually, she became an on-air talent, who always dressed in a maid’s uniform. She would even attend red carpet events in her signature look. On the show, she got to rub elbows with Lucero, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias. 

9. Co-hosts come and go

Co-hosts come and go

Like Martica, co-hosts sometimes leave. In 2013, there was a rise of new talent who seamlessly blended in. 

10. El Gordo is the Latino Richard Dawson

El Gordo is the Latino Richard Dawson

Just like the late kissing host of Family Feud, Raúl has kissed his fair share of guests, such as Aracely Arámbula, Alicia Machado, Sofia Vergara and Ninel Conde. But he also has his own signatures, such as sitting in hot tubs with female celebrities or lifting them. 

11. El Gordo y La Flaca have a thing for water

El Gordo y La Flaca have a thing for water

In a show that has incorporated water into its episode through its jacuzzi bit, they find more ways to feature more water. Raúl swims through the legs of women in pools and is always looking for ways to one-up himself. The hosts jumped into an adult-sized fish tank, have had a real fish tank that was built into their table, and there have even been kiddie pools on set. This is why the Soñadoras parody, which was set on the beach and at a pool, was so fitting for the show. 

12. El Brujo Mayor’s Beard

El Brujo Mayor’s Beard

After incorrectly predicting and betting that Barack Obama would not be president for a second time, El Brujo Mayor had his legendary beard cut off. It was so long that it was braided before it was sheared. El Brujo Mayor closed his eyes and squirmed while it happened. It’s probably because he was so against it that he filed a petition on change.org to stop it from happening. Unfortunately for him, the petition didn’t get much traction. 

13. Jenni Rivera walks out

Jenni Rivera walks out

The late Jenni Rivera came on the show to discuss being cut off when she previously called in via satellite on an episode where Mariana Seoane was also featured. She was still upset about the situation but said she didn’t accuse the producers of rudely ending the call. Then, she sang a verse of La Mentada Contestada that needed to be bleeped before walking off. “I’m done,” she said as she walked toward the exit. 

14. Personal moments

Personal moments

We’ve been able to see the duo through some very real moments. La Flaca has been pregnant on the show, and she also had to sport a cast on her foot. El Gordo lost a lot of weight. He was also absent for 28 days after being diagnosed with kidney cancer. On his return, he brought his doctor along with him. 

15. They go by El Gordo y La Flaca

They go by El Gordo y La Flaca

If you didn’t know their real names before, you’re likely not alone since the two have become so associated with their TV personalities. These nicknames are also strange because you’d be hard pressed to find an English show that would be titled The Fat and The Skinny, but it’s reflective of pet names that Latinos use. The show’s name was actually inspired by Laurel and Hardy, the comedy double act from early Hollywood. In Brazil and Spanish-speaking countries, Laurel and Hardy was translated to mean fat and skinny.