EXCLUSIVE: Dora's All Grown Up in Trailer for 'Dora and Friends: Into the City!'

Dora the explorer is all grown up! This summer Nickelodeon is premiering, Dora and Friends: Into the City.

The half-hour series features the iconic character living in a city, attending school, and at the center of a peer group that works together to give back to the community -- having both real-life and magical adventures along the way.

Set in the fictional city of Playa Verde, Dora and her friends go on adventures, whether it’s rescuing a lost stuffed monkey for a little boy in the hospital or returning a ring to an ancient Mayan Princess.

Dora uses the help of a Map App on her smartphone and a magical charm bracelet to navigate the city and overcome obstacles along the way. In this new series, Dora continues to show she is a good friend, leader, and problem-solver with a group of new friends – Kate, Naiya, Emma, Alana and Pablo -- who share her passion for learning and exploring.

Watch the trailer for Dora's new series, Dora and Friends: Into the City: