#Interview With Diane Guerrero of ‘Orange Is The New Black'

Diane Guerrero attends 2013 Icons Of Style Gala
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If you haven’t used a hashtag by now, you probably died five years ago and you’re a zombie aimlessly tapping away on a keyboard and ended up on this article. If you’re alive and hashtagging like the rest of the living, this interview is for you. It’s a new franchise called #Interview with up-and-coming Latin celebs. I’ll be trolling them (just a bit) and asking them about particular hashtags on their social pages. Our first victim subject is Diane Guerrero, who plays the adorable Maritza on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black (season 2 starts streaming on June 6). We talk with the #colombiana about #OITNB, #Juanes, her new CW show #JaneTheVirgin, and other hashtags. #MustRead #Kittens #Flaritza #JimmyFallonShowedUsTheWay #IAmNotAZombie

Tell me about #TotallyBuggingOut. It was attached to a picture of you and Juanes.

He is everything! Lets just start with that. I found out that he was doing the theme song for Jane the Virgin and Gina [Rodriguez] had e-mailed me, “Juanes is doing this, if we get picked up.” He had a song called “La Flor,” which is perfect with the theme of the show and you know how Latinos associate virginity with a flower and it being destroyed when it’s entered. So, when he came in, I just I lost it. And I was like, “Diane just get it together you’re fine, you’re good and then he was standing right next to me!” And all of a sudden I forgot how to speak Spanish, which was my first language, apparently it’s not anymore. I forgot how to speak Spanish and then all of a sudden Spanglish started coming and then that’s when I was like totally bugging out cause I was just bugging out. And he was so sweet to me and just so lovely and he was telling me congratulations and I was like, “Umm you’re kind of the biggest person that I’ve ever met.”

How about #NotAnotherBathroomSelfie?

It’s sometimes a little embarrassing to take selfies but sometimes I want to take a selfie because I’m like, “Oh I look cute. I like my hat. I like what I’m wearing and I want to show it off.” But at the same time I still feel guilty about being all self-involved so when I say #NotAnotherBathroomSelfie I just mean, “Oh God, here we go again. I don’t want to be just like everyone else and do the same thing but I’m sort of doing the same thing everybody else is doing.” There’s been another #NotAnotherBathroomSelfie with Dascha [Polanco]. I think we did it in one of her premieres for Gimme Shelter. We were there and again it was another bathroom situation and I do it in the bathroom so people don’t see that I’m taking a selfie. I don’t know why I’m so self-conscious about it.

#DontEverCallHimStupid. It was a pic of your boyfriend.

So that’s a reference to Forrest Gump. “Don’t you ever call him stupid.” We say that to each other all the time. So then when I took a picture of him, it just seemed appropriate, #DontEverCallHimStupid, because he’s my man I love him. Forrest Gump has been one of my favorite movies of all time. After school I would come home eat Cheez-Its with lemonade and watch that movie over and over and over again. It was everyday. And I think it was around this time where I was trying to figure things out and I didn’t have really a lot of friends so I would go home and watch Forrest Gump. So when I met him he just kept giving me all these Forrest Gump references and I was like, “Oh my God this is it!”

#TouristLife #LA. Was it your first time in Los Angeles?

It was my first time in L.A., and #TouristLife because I was being a total tourist. I was put up in the Sheraton Universal, which is right next to Universal Studios in L.A., and I was there all the time. I went to Universal Studios and I rode all the rides by myself, took pictures, I did that all by myself. When I go to places I love going to all those kind of amusement parks and kind of cheesy things to do. I’m totally doing it.

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