Exclusive: David Zayas & Olga Merediz Talk FX's ‘Saint George’ and Danny Trejo


What made you choose this role?

Zayas: Three things: the script, which I literally read which was hilarious and I said I want to try and do this, I’ve always been a big fan of George Lopez and I’ve wanted to work with him, and three just getting involved in a Latino oriented comedy that’s not restricted, that pushing the envelope.

Merediz: I had worked with him before and was such a great experience that I couldn’t wait to work with him again. He’s just a delight to work with, such a sweet guy. And I was attracted to this part because it was a challenge, it’s a little bit older than myself but she’s very strong-willed opinionated, she’s politically incorrect, the opposite of me, but it’s a fine line that I have to walk because I have to make her loveable and funny at the same time, so it was a challenge, this character was a real challenge for me and I was up for it, I wanted really to do it.

David, on a personal note, your son recently put on an art show.

Zayas: Yes in Los Angeles. He’s an amazing photographer. The show went very well. He’s also my stunt double in films. He’s a very talented young man and I’m very proud of him.

Also, David you’re mostly known for playing tough guys (Oz, Dexter) but I found out on Twitter that going to the dentist gets you a bit apprehensive.

Zayas: I am not as tough as I play. I’m very nervous with the dentist, though I have to say yesterday I went to the dentist and he was phenomenal. There’s not too many things I’m afraid of, but I’m not too brave when it comes to sitting in a chair getting my teeth drilled.

Why should people watch Saint George?

Merediz: It’s hysterically funny, it’s your family, it’s like what David said, and it’s your family but the things that nobody talks about.  But it’s universal, it’s a universal story, it’s for everyone, and it’s just a lot of fun, a lot of fun, hysterical.

Zayas: I think it’s, this is how I’ll describe it, and it’s different from other sitcoms. And it’s different because George and the crew on Saint George, the writers/producers they’re not afraid to go to places that other shows I don’t think would dare to go. And they do it with love, they do it with comedy, and sometimes it could be kind of mean, insulting, but it’s something that is so familiar to many people and like you said they don’t talk about it. So I think it’s an original show in that regard.

Saint George has a diverse cast similarly to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Devious Maids, etc. Do you think we’re finally headed in the right direction?

Zayas: Well you know listen, art has to be reflective of our society. Especially New York and Los Angeles, it’s a melting pot of different ethnicities and I think that has to be represented in what we watch as well, whether it’s film, television, theater, and I think it’s still a struggle, I think we’re still fighting to get there, but I think these shows that you just mentioned are a good step, we have a long way to go but we’re getting there. Also writing…

Merediz: We have to write, we have to encourage young people, old people, to write our stories, because we’re going to be the majority soon.

Zayas: And more importantly to watch. Latinos, we need to watch.

Merediz: Watch each other and support each other’s projects.

Watch Olga Merediz & David Zayas on Saint George on FX Thursdays at 9PM.

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