The 10 Craziest Things About 'Sabado Gigante'

Sabado Gigante is a staple in many Latino households. Before you knew who Bob Barker and Oprah were, you were watching Don Francisco and his gang. That’s probably why you didn’t realize it sooner, but Sabado Gigante is completely bizarre. The part contest, part variety show has the oddest cast of characters, songs and segments. In the more than 50 years that it has filled a weekly three-hour block, it’s had plenty of time for ridiculous antics. But here are the 10 craziest things about the show (that you know you love):

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Yara Simon, Contributor

Yara Simón is a freelance writer who grew up in Miami and was raised by her Nicaraguan mother. She graduated from the University of Florida before moving to New York. She loves the city, though she suffers from fritanga withdrawals. Fashion labels Proenza Schouler and Wes Gordon make her heart flutter, and she won't miss an episode of Game of Thrones. 

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