Bachelor Tell-All Recap: Juan Was Not the One For Us

Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

It’s almost over! The (probably) most controversial season of The Bachelor yet is down to the last episode, but America got to tune into a “Tell-All” where the contestants who were let go (or let Juan Pablo go) got a chance to tell their sides of the story, and Juan Pablo got a chance to clear the air. While the whole episode felt kind of icky (seriously, some of these girls are analyzing his thoughts and motivations when they were on the show for about 2.5 seconds), there were some highlights. Here are the top moments from the night:

They All Admit Juan Pablo Is Hot

They all admitted they were attracted to Juan Pablo – at first. “Those looks can fade, and you need something more than that,” Andi stated.

But No One Felt He Knew Enough About Them

Like Andi, everyone complained about how he didn’t know anything about them. Juan Pablo defended himself by saying he’s not going to ask them a list of things like where they went to school and all that – he’s looking for a natural connection. Sharlene defended him by saying that she felt differently and that he did ask her things about herself. +1 for diplomatic Sharlene.

“We Came to Find a Husband”

Andi says that while Juan Pablo seemed to want to find a date, she felt he wasn’t taking this seriously and that they “came to find a husband.” While I guess that’s the premise of the show, it still feels weird when it’s said like that. Especially by 22, 23, and 26-year-olds.

Camila and Language Became His Cop-Outs

Everyone complained that he used the Camila and English as a second language excuses way too often. “He wasn’t talking about Camila while in the ocean,” Kat quipped.


Everyone agreed that the way he handled Clare after their sexy ocean time was gross. Sharlene took the moment to add in a little dig to Clare. “I think he had buyer’s remorse.” OUCH.

Sharlene, Andi and Renee Share Their Stories

And there’s pretty much nothing new to say.

Sharlene admits that it wasn’t that he was a bad person, and that they did have “something great,” but it just wasn’t all there for her. “I think we’ve all had that --  where you try and piece together something else because you want to justify the physical connection.”

Renee is in a really great “situation” aka she doesn’t admit it on screen but she’s definitely engaged.

Andi admitted that her after-hours talk was what killed it for her. That there was a lot of negativity and narcissistic behavior that was no bueno. But she didn’t want to make it out like he’s a terrible guy on purpose: “He wasn't mean to me. He was never mean to me. The things he said made me feel cheap. It's not that the intent is there, it's just no filter there.”

The Contestants Apparently Forgot They Were on The Bachelor

Not only did Andi get mad that Juan Pablo mentioned his overnight with Clare (um, yep, that's what happens on this show Andi), Lucy pointed out that she didn't think he made them feel special enough. "We each wanted to feel like we were in a unique relationship." Um, probably not the best bet to go on a show where a man dates 26 other women then.

Juan Pablo Has No Hard Feelings

“I'm happy seeing them again. I believe I can have some friends here.”

That Homophobic Statement

Kelly hits him hard with the pressuring of what he meant by his earlier statements on having a gay bachelor. He explains that it was taken out of context, but that he doesn’t want to try and explain it in the four minutes they have left – he wants to meet her backstage and talk it out with her for “as long as it takes.” Kelly continues to push, and Juan Pablo continues to explain that he’d love to talk to her more about it.

"I love gay people," he insists. "I have no problem with them, because I respect them, because they were born that way."

Sharleen defends him as well: "We talked a lot about equality, and from what I can gather, he's very open-minded.”

Well, there you have it. Will you be tuning into the finale?