Bachelor Recap: Juan Wrong Move, And One Girl Gets Sent Packing


Most of the other girls (besides three) get to go on a group date. The envelope says "say cheese," and the dog lover Kelly says it might be two things: a photoshoot or just chillin’ eatin cheese. (“I’m good with either one,” she says and at this point I believe Juan Pablo should just pick her because she’s obviously the best.)

It turns out to be a photoshoot (man, no cheese) to raise money for Best Friends Animal Society, in which animals are saved from being put down. They all get different outfits and paired with a dog, and some people get really hot bandage dresses (Cassandra) and others have to dress up like a dog with spots and a bald head (Kelly). Elise, the bubbly first grade teacher, and Andi, the prosecutor, get to their outfit stations only to realize they don’t actually have outfits – they’re holding a sign over themselves and are going nude, which causes them to panic.

Elise, not getting her way with the creative director, goads Lucy into switching costumes with her. It takes little convincing, because as we know, Lucy is all about going nude. In fact, they show her walking her dog outside with no clothes on – just for fun! OH LUCY, YOU FREE SPIRIT YOU!

Andi, on the verge of a mental breakdown and clearly not smarter than a first grade teacher (otherwise she would have gotten to Lucy first), is found by Juan Pablo and assured that it’s going to be OK. Recognizing that it’s going to be for a good cause (and that Juan Pablo is also going to be nude) (see nudity clause), she does it and it comes out great, though does it really matter? I don't really see the correlation between nudity of randos and the adopting of dogs, even if they are in a calendar. People who want to adopt dogs... adopt dogs. But moving on...

After that portion of the date, they head to a hotel roof pool, where Cassandra tells Juan Pablo that SURPRISE, she’s actually a single mom of a two-year-old boy. He loves it, we think, because he hugs her and we think that means he’s fine with it.

Renee also gets a little snuggle action, and tries to kiss him. She fails. “AHHHHH. I came very close. Half way, right? It was a half kiss. No? No, It wasn’t.” No, it wasn’t Renee, but we’re sure you’ll get your kiss soon enough, considering Juan Pablo has no problem planting one on every girl.

Read about the CRAZY ending to the episode on page 4 >>

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