Bachelor Recap: Hometown Visits & Juan Big Decision


Finally, it's time for Sacramento and time with Clare. They meet by a duck pond, where they feed the ducks and Clare explains to Juan Pablo that her dad used to bring her there when she was little. She tells him more about her dad and how long he was sick, and tells this amazing anecdote about asking her dad who would dance the father-daughter dance with her at her wedding.

"He told me, 'Why wait till then? I'll dance with you.' and we danced." OKAY CLARE, YOU GOT ME ON THAT ONE. 

She talks about how bringing Juan Pablo home is the first time she's brought someone home since he passed. She's the youngest out of six girls, so "tonight is a big night," she says. Juan Pablo seems at ease. "With Clare, I feel good." 

They head to the house, and Juan Pablo gets to meet Clare's mom (whom they kind of creepily call "momma"), her sister Lillian, her sister Lisa, her sister Laura, her sister Madeline, her sister Julie and her brother-in-law Ernie. That's a lot of estrogen, yo.

She talks to her sister Madeline whom she really trusts (Madeline has been married for more than 20 years) and she seems really supportive, but also the conversation is a little strange. We learn that Clare's parents only knew each other three weeks before getting married which I don't even know how to process. 

Juan Pablo talks to a couple of the women (except Laura and momma) and they ask why he likes Clare so much and his first sentence is: "At first, it was more physical attraction." Juan Pablo, no. Let's not tell family members that the first thing that was appealing to you was that she was hot. Just, no.

As he's chatting, Clare sits down with "momma" and Laura. This is when things get REAL weird. I don't even really know how to describe everything that happens but here are the three main takeaways: a) "momma" doesn't utter one word b) Laura is really overbearing and says things like "I'm not going to let you manipulate momma" and "you're not respecting momma" c) there's one point where Laura just stands in front of Clare with her arms crossed. If you don't understand, it's okay because WE ALL DON'T. 

Clare talks to her other sister who calms her down and tell her to ignore her. 

(At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a 7th sister living under the stairs Wes Craven style.)

Juan Pablo goes to talk to her mom and Laura (the crazy one that isn't Clare which I didn't think possible, but yep) jumps in. Clare tells her to let them have alone time, but Juan Pablo says it's OK. After a little chatting, Laura lets them have some time alone. Clare's mom is Latina (Clare had admitted to being part Mexican in the first episode) so she speaks Spanish with Juan Pablo, which is the first time in the entire episode we hear her speak. I seriously thought she was mute for the entire visit. 

She states how they come from a very religious family and how Clare misses her daddy. And that's it! That's the big time with "momma."

They say their goodbyes and it's time for the rose ceremony (finally) back in Miami. 

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