Bachelor Recap: Hometown Visits & Juan Big Decision


Next up, It's Renee in Sarasota. 

"This is my favorite place in the entire world," she says before saying that it's been two months since she's seen her son. This is when the law of the universe bend because while we admit that two months is probably not long enough to know you're destined to be together (especially in a show setting like this) we will admit that two months is a LIFETIME when it comes to kids.

"I'm going to literally eat my son when I see him." This doesn't sound like a winning strategy, but whatever, Renee's the best so if she thinks eating her son is A-OK we're with her. 

"I'm exited to see Renee. And I'm going to see her son Ben. So it's definitely going to be a special and important hometown date for me." UM YEAH, JUAN PABLO. THIS IS A BIG FREAKING DEAL. 

They meet before Ben's little league baseball game, and Ben is pretty quiet but adorable and Renee can't stop hugging him and Juan Pablo is nice but a little awkward like all people when they meet a significant other's child for the first time. 

"Oh man, I really want a son," Juan Pablo says. We know, we know JP. You want more kids.

They watch the game and cheer and then it's time to head home to meet Renee's mom, dad and brother. Everyone's sweet and Renee-like (makes sense) and Renee tucks Ben into bed before telling her mom that she's madly in love with Juan Pablo (Oh, Renee…)

Juan Pablo talks to her family and says that they're on the same page and that she's "just herself, and that's what makes her wonderful." 

Renee is struggling on whether to tell Juan Pablo she's in love with him or not. "My hearts on the line. I don't want to feel heartbreak," she says. Um, smart move going on The Bachelor then, Renee. 

She doesn't tell him, even though she admits she wishes the car would come back and she'd tell him then. 

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