Bachelor Recap: Hometown Visits & Juan Big Decision

Juan Pablo and Andi on The Bachelor

Mi gente! We're getting close to the finale of El Bachelor. Are you excited? Nervous? Worried? Me too.

This week was the best week because it's HOMETOWN VISIT week, which essentially means you get to see the women in their true element slash meet the members of their families. And that means things can go really amazingly or just really, really terribly. We got a bit of both this week. 

First up is Nikki, who hails from Kansas City. "I'm so excited to share Kansas City with Juan Pablo!" They go get some gas station BBQ, a staple in Missouri, and Juan Pablo loves it. He's chowing down! "I'l get fat eating that BBQ every day. Oh yes." he says, and it's kind of funny thinking about Juan Pablo and Nikki years from now just being fat and eating BBQ together. Let's all picture it together for a moment.

OK moment over. After the meal, Nikki states that things "couldn't be going any better." Sweetie, you just ate BBQ so far… there's nothing that could have gone seriously wrong at this point. Next up, she leads him to a bar with a mechanical bull. He rides it like a pro, and Nikki remarks that watching him ride it is "hot." You know she's around kids a lot, because she automatically changes her voice to an encouraging adult. "Good job!" she says with some claps. Yes, Juan Pablo! And if you finish the bull ride, you'll get a treat later!

After the humping, er, riding the bull, they sit and have a beer and Nikki really wants to tell him she loves him, but deems it "not the right time."

They head to her house, and Juan Pablo gets to meet her two younger brothers, her sister-in-law, her mom and her dad. "I've waited for this for a LONG time," she says, which makes me think we've forgotten what words mean. It's been two months, Nikki. Get a grip.

Nikki tells her mom privately that she's in love with Juan Pablo, but that she hasn't told him yet. "Honestly, the next time you see me I could be engaged," she says. Her mom is happy for her and I have to admit, this family seems really sweet.

Juan Pablo and Nikki's dad have a heart to heart which goes well, before Nikki also sits down with her dad to discuss the possibility that she could be getting married soon. Her dad (being the logical one that he is) reminds her that she's not only marrying Juan Pablo -- she'll quickly be a mother as well. "I don't feel like I'm in for any surprises," Nikki says and we all laugh because c'mon -- that's ridiculous.

They say their goodbyes and head outside where they can't stop kissing each other and you can tell they really do have strong feelings for each other. She doesn't tell him she loves him. "I don't know why," she says. "I hope that I'm around next week to be able to tell him."

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