Bachelor Recap: Hometown Visits & Juan Big Decision


Next up, It's time with Andi in Atlanta. Juan Pablo admits that Andi's been at the top of his list since the beginning. "There's chemistry there," he says. "And it's just… mmmm." Oh Juan Pablo, you have such a way with words. 

Andi tells Juan Pablo that she has a fun surprise for him since he made her do all those "crazy" things thus far. "Crazy things?" he says. "Yeah! Soccer, dancing, karaoke…" she says, in all sincerity. It appears Andi has also forgotten what words mean. None of those activities are "crazy." (Well, maybe if she had to do them all at the same time.)

She takes him to a gun range, and she is basically a BAMF at shooting guns and he sucks. But he finally gets the bullseye at the end, because honestly if you shoot that many times you're bound to hit something at some point. "If you want to impress someone in the South, you handle a gun right," she says, which is equally funny and terrifying.

Back at home, Juan Pablo gets to meet Andi's mom, dad, her sister Rachel and Rachel's husband. Everyone automatically loves this dad because he's giving the side-eye to Juan Pablo every five seconds. Juan Pablo is visibly intimidated and it's kind of hilarious. Andi's dad keeps pointing out that Andi didn't get a lot of one-on-one time, meaning Juan Pablo was choosing other girls. 

"I'm looking at someone who is infatuated. She's infatuated with him, and he might be infatuated with her… and three other girls," he says. Smart dad. 

Juan Pablo has some alone time with Andi's mom and she asks JP to teach her how to dance. "She wanted to dance salsa," he says. "Thank God, it's going to be OK." Yep, that's how you woo parents! Just show off your salsa moves!

After, it's time for the really intimidating talk with Andi's dad. Andi's dad asks Juan Pablo why he wanted to be on the show and what he sees in Andi. Dad tells the camera, "With Andi it's no an issue of finding somebody, it's an issue of finding someone good enough." Boom -- dad of the year award. Where's the trophy?

He basically tells Juan Pablo that if and when his daughter chooses him to be in their family, then they'll have the "acceptance" speech. But right now, it's about trusting her. Fair enough. 

Andi has a one-on-one with her sister, and admits that she is very close to falling in love with Juan Pablo but isn't there yet. Her sister tells her that she doesn't have the feeling "yet" that they're supposed to be together. Andi is upset because she just wants validation that she's not batshit crazy for falling in love with a man in a couple of weeks and entertaining the idea of becoming engaged to him. (Andi, sorry to break it to you -- pretty sure that's the definition of batshit crazy. But OK, sure Andi, I TOTALLY SEE IT.)

She talks to her dad and tells him that she can only control herself, "she can't control his relationships with other people," so she's going to move forward and keep falling in love with him, essentially. Her dad says: "I don't want you to get hurt. Nothing else matters to me." Which basically translates to: you're probably going to get hurt. And I will kill Juan Pablo.

They head out and Juan Pablo makes a kissy face while lunging toward Andi, which I realize now he does all the time when he wants to kiss one of them. OBSERVATIONS!

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