Bachelor Recap: Will He Ever Find His Juan True Love?

Bachelor Recap: Will He Ever Find His Juan True Love?

Oh lord. Just when you thought Juan Pablo had done his worst by basically shaming a girl after their ocean sexytime from last week’s episode, things get even sadder (who knew it was possible!). He even sends a girl home ON THE WORST DAY POSSIBLE. But more on that later….

This week starts in Taupo, New Zealand and Clare, being basically slutshamed in the previous week by the apple of her eye (and the man of her ocean escapades) is a bit down. “I don’t know where we stand now.” Um, yeah, Juan Pablo is a bit wishy-washy that way, isn’t he? One day he’s wanting to make out with you in a hot tub and in a pool and in an ocean (man, what’s up with these bodies of water?!) and the next he’s telling you you made a mistake and it set a bad example for his daughter. REAL COOL JP.

Cassandra and Renee, the two single moms, have a heart-to-heart and talk dating as a single mom, where they’re both talking about how great Juan Pablo is. It’s kind of weird that they’re totally gunning for the same guy (and basically hoping the other’s heart is broken) but OK.

Anyway, Andi can finally stop sulking because she gets her one-on-one. The card states that they’ll “feel the heat.” The date arrives and they head out on a speedboat to a place called “the squeeze” (yes, that’s its real name) and they climb through some crevices to a waterfall, where they make out and she wraps her legs around his waist. The only judgment we’re giving is toward Juan Pablo: How is this different from sexy time in the ocean with Clare? If Camila sees that, how is she not seeing this?! I’M SO CONFUSED I DON’T GET TV. They have dinner next to a geyser, and basically have nothing to talk about. It’s so boring I may have fallen asleep. Haha just kidding. (Or am I?). Anyway, she gets a rose because of course she did.

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