Bachelor Recap: Will He Ever Find His Juan True Love?

Bachelor Recap: Will He Ever Find His Juan True Love?

The next date is a group one with Sharleen, Chelsie, Renee, Nikki, Kat and Cassandra where they have a picnic in the middle of a beautiful green field, but then things take a turn when they realize there’s a portion of the date that just screams weird foreign game show: they get to roll around in clear balls down a giant hill. YES, LIKE HAMSTERS. The ball is apparently called an ogo, and all the girls have to strip down to their bathing suits because OF COURSE, and Juan Pablo says possibly the best line of the night: “Six beautiful women, me switching from Ogo to Ogo…” We couldn't have written that better if we tried. Nikki gets to kiss Juan Pablo twice and she’s just thrilled. Nobody tell her about Clare’s ocean rendezvous or Andi’s waterfall session, mkay?

The night’s cocktail party takes place at Hobbiton, where parts of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were filmed. All the girls act really excited, but Sharleen is geeking out, which is one of the least robot things we’ve seen her do in awhile.

Cassandra keeps talking about how it’s her birthday. Can you believe this girl is 22?  SO OLD! HOW HAS SHE NOT SNAGGED A HUSBAND YET? (Sarcasm, people.)

The one-on-one chats look like this: Renee is adorable, Nikki says all the right things including “falling for you,” Juan Pablo makes out with Sharleen before Sharleen says this process is “a little inorganic” before he starts eating her face again, and Cassandra is pretty boring, per usual. Everyone’s pretty much on board with her getting the rose (Geez, it is her BIRTHDAY, after all) but it goes to Robot Sharleen, who replies with a “Yes, sir,” (ugh) to his rose acceptance ask.


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