Bachelor Recap 4: Juan Huge Mistake


Soon, it’s time for the rose ceremony. The girls have an agreement that those with roses will step back and allow the other girls their time to talk to Juan Pablo. Of course, this doesn’t hold. Nikki goes in for her time, right after Clare, cementing the fact that everyone hates her.

“I thought it was rude and disrespectful,” says Clare in possibly one of the most real things she’s ever said all season. “I’m not going to let someone walk all over me. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.” THE GAUNTLET IS THROWN.

Juan Pablo, while with Nikki, says something about how he doesn’t know the dynamics of the house, which makes Nikki go crazy thinking Clare had said something about her in her one-on-one time. They talk, and Clare realizes this as well, but doesn’t clarify; she goes for the straight-talk approach. “I think you're one way with the girls, and you're one way with him. I think it can rub people the wrong way,” she says. “And I don’t think that warrants a rose.”

“Well, you’re not handing them out,” Nikki states and everyone in America now hates her too.

Everyone gets a rose and the two sent packing are Lauren (obviously) and Elise.  Elise sees the bright side of the situation: “My mom didn’t want me to be around negative, ugly people.”

NEXT WEEK: THEY’RE HEADING TO VIETNAM! I wonder what Clare thinks they wear there? Sombreros? 

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