Bachelor Recap: Who's Going to be the One for Juan Pablo?


Mi gente, are you ready? This season of The Bachelor is going to be a good (read: sexy) one, because Venezuelan hottie Juan Pablo is the man of the season, looking for his one true love to have and to hold from the season finale forward. (Oh, and to help be a mami to his hija Camila.)

We (like the rest of The Bachelor-loving nation) watched as the two-night season premiere began and he met his 27 ladies looking to win his heart (and his rose).

The show started and we were immediately in love. Can he just say his name one more time? He talks about himself for a hot minute (born in New York, raised in Venezuela, living in Miami), but really we’re just watching the gratuitous shots of him in a photo shoot, running along the beach, and dancing under a bridge (we don’t really get the last one either, but we’re not about to ask questions when we’re staring at this:)

He then talks about his daughter Camila Valentina, who was born on Valentine’s Day. “She’ll always be my Valentine,” he announces to the camera. OK OK JUAN WE GET IT YOU’RE ADORABLE.

“I’m the first Bachelor who is Latino,” he says. “I speak the language of love.” Um, we’re pretty sure that’s French, Juan, but we get what you’re saying. (Just show us your abs again.) (Kidding.) (Not really.) (See above.)

Juan Pablo announces he’s interested in “finding a wife who understands and appreciates family,” and we can hear the wave of “aws” across America.

Before Juan meets with the lucky b…. we mean, contestants, he “makes a call” to meet with former Bachelor Sean Lowe. (Lucky for us, it reminds us of his wedding special to air live on ABC in the future. But that wasn’t the network’s intention, right? They’re really friends, RIGHT? Hahahaha nah.) They meet, talk about kissing girls (Sean cautions: “Just make sure the others don’t see”) and remembering names. “I’m really bad with names,” Juan Pablo says.

He gets ready for the night, which really is just another time for ABC to show him shirtless and in the shower. (Thank you, ABC.) Then, it’s limo time­–and time for the viewers to meet some of the women who get a hometown spotlight.

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