Bachelor Recap: Everybody Wants Juan-on-One Time


Back at the house, Chelsie gets chosen for the other one-on-one date, much to Elise’s chagrin. Elise keeps saying that Chelsie seems like a baby to her, despite the fact that Chelsie is 24 and Elise is 27. She even points it out to another, asking how old the other contestant thinks Chelsie is. “I don’t know, 25 I think?” she says. Elise then says that she doesn’t think Chelsie could be a stepmom and that she has a lot of growing up to do. Fighting words!

Back at the cocktail party, you hear snippets of other contestants conversations, including the first you’ve heard of Danielle, one of the contestants who literally has had about zero time on camera. “I was actually adopted when I was two years old.” THAT’S IT. THAT’S ALL YOU HEAR FROM HER.

If you’ve forgotten what she looks like, here she is:

Sharleen’s alone time has her admitting that she feels chemistry (even though she felt none when she got the first impression rose, but OK.) She also responds like a robot several times when Juan Pablo says something about her. “That’s a compliment,” she says, identifying the thing that Juan Pablo says to her. Does she likes the compliment? Who knows! She's just identifying this weird Earth language.

They then kiss and she goes in for another one, and all the girls see it. Uh oh. I smell trouble. (But more for the couple, because man were those kisses SO BIZZARRE. I'M GOING ON THE RECORD: THOSE KISSES WERE WEIRD.)

There’s so much tension as Juan Pablo gets ready to give out the rose for the date, and interestingly enough it goes to Nikki – not Andi or Sharleen, who both just made out with him. They then of course voice their insecurities because now they think they are bad kissers or something.

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