EXCLUSIVE: Aida Rodriguez Talks Latinas In Comedy & "Last Comic Standing"

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Who are some of your Latina influences and role models? 

I love Sofia Vergara. I'm never going to diss that woman for being beautiful and funny -- which is something that is not expected of women in Hollywood. She is one of the most successful women on television, and she works every week and every week she's funny.

I think Rosie Perez was really funny in her day, and it was refreshing to see someone that was a Nuyorican being portrayed. Even though some people might have had issues with her, I thought she was actually funny and a good actor. 

In terms of comedy, I've got to give really hard props to those that came before me. Sheila Rivera, who is a rocket scientist turned comedian and a Puerto Rican woman from Texas, is really really funny. 

There are so many people that I watched, and that I've learned from. I watch Anjelah Johnson sometimes, and I wish I could be that physically committed to my comedy! She is physically funny, and she's a beautiful girl. I respect them all. I think that they all worked really hard, so they can make room for me. 

Any final words for Latina.com? 

The readers of Latina should pay attention to comedy, because there are some very interesting and special Latino voices in comedy right now!

Tune in to NBC tonight at 10/9c to see Aida Rodriguez perform on Last Comic Standing! Get a taste of her comedy below: 

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