Trump Attacks San Juan Mayor Saying People of Puerto Rico 'Want Everything Done For Them'

Tweeting from his golf course—while the island of Puerto Rico remains battered and reeling—President Trump attacked San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz today, saying she had "poor leadership ability."

He added insult to injury by then implying that the people of Puerto Rico "want everything to be done for them" regarding what many are calling a humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Maria pummeled the island last week.

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Trump's harsh comments were in response to Cruz's criticism of the adminsistration's slow response to help Puerto Rico.

In an emotional press conference on Friday, Cruz said "We are dying here..  You are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureacracy."

Watch the video below:

The administrations slow response to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria has been painful and infuriating for many to watch. Last weekend, while the island was without power, means of communication, and diesel, the President confoundingly turned his attention to the NFL to attack the #takeaknee movement. And when he did address the hurricane and crisis in PR, he also brought up the island's debt, which seemed offensive and out of place given the dire circumstances.

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Fed up, many celebs took to social media to express their outrage. including Lin-Manuel Miranda who tweeted "You're going straight to hell, Donald Trump! No long lines for you!"


J Lo posted a meme on her Instagram page that contrasted the President on a golf course with a photo of Carmen Yulín Cruz wading in waist-high water helping those in need in PR.



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