Trapped Houston Bakers Gave Back to Hurricane Harvey Victims in the Most Heartwarming Way!

In times of desperate crises, all you can do is stick together and help one another in the best way possible.

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Following the catastrophic events that have taken place since the emergence of Hurricane Harvey, we've witnessed Americans across the nation give back with incredible acts of kindness.

The latest? As the treacherous rain flooded Houston’s streets, bakers from El Bolillo, a local panaderia in Wayside Drive, fell victim to Hurricane Harvey and were trapped inside the bakery for two days over the weekend.

Despite the circumstances, the beloved shop’s bakers made great use of their time and resources, spending hours baking sheets and sheets of pan dulce to hand out to those affected.

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"For most of the time, they decided not to waste time and made as much pan dulce as they could," El Bolillo’s store manager, Brian Alvarado told "How they helped us today is the only reason we were able to open today."

The kind bakers used a whopping 4,200 pounds of flour for this tremendous gesture that surely did not go unnoticed. Many took to Twitter to share their reactions, and here are a few:

The bakers of El Bolillo are a refreshing reminder that genuinely kind, humble, and selfless people still exist in the world we live in. How’s that for making America great again?