Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup tells the story of a retired Mexican-American chef who lives with his three gorgeous, but single, daughters. Though he lost his ability to taste after losing his wife, he continues to prepare elaborate and traditional sit-down dinners for his family. His adult daughters humor him – he lost his taste buds and therefore much of his zest for life when he lost his wife, they reason – but are each frustrated by the lack of love in their own lives. Romance ensues when the father meets a charismatic divorcee and the daughters pursue their individual passions. This Latino food movie is a tale of discovery, finding love after loss, and realizing that the recipe for happiness often requires many ingredients.

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Tortilla Soup
Tortilla Soup
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Amanda Cargill, Food Content Director, Latina Media Ventures, LLC

Amanda Cargill is the Food Content Director at Latina Media Ventures, where she oversees food- and spirits-related features in Latina Magazine and on and She is an avid writer, traveler, reader, runner and eater.