These Fashion Week Emojis Explain Exactly How We Feel Right Now

So it's day two of Fashion Week and (you can already see it on every editor, blogger & buyer's faces) we're tired. Which is why when I opened my inbox this morning I knew that KMart Fashion had nailed it with this set of Emojis they created just for Fashion Week. You can check them out and use them for yourself (great for Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!) on KMart Fashion's Facebook page.

Here's how I'm feeling on day two of Fashion Week:

My phone is constantly dead. I think I've been averaging 7% all day.

I've had two 20oz. coffees already today and I feel like I might need two more to make it through all of tonight's parties!

I'm trying to eat healthy, which is annoying during Fashion Week because ALLYOUWANTISFRENCHFRIES. And the models are eating french fries, so it's okay for me too, right?

This is how I will feel later tonight after I get into Rebecca Minkoff's Fashion Week party! (Her show was ama-zing by the way!).

At Fashion Week right now? A tweet to @KmartFashion with #FashionWeekProblems will get you a hand-delivered solution to solve most of your fashion emergencies.

How are you feeling on day two of Fashion Week? What emoji are you adding to your social profiles?