Thalia Sued by Her Abuelita?

Thalia has just been served… and by the unlikeliest person.

According to Primer Impacto, the Mexican singer and three of her sisters (Ernestina, Gabriela and Federica Sodi) now have a lawsuit in their hands, filed by their own grandmother, Eva Mange. In an exclusive interview with the Univision show, Mange’s lawyer Monserrat Rivera said that the suit surrounded the 95-year-old’s maintenance allowance.

“When an older person can’t work, is disabled, the kids are responsible. In this case, the daughter is no longer present, so the obligation falls on the grandchildren,” Rivera told reporter Inés Moreno. Rivera was, of course, referencing Thalia’s mother Yolanda Miranda, who died unexpectedly in 2011 of heart failure.

Thalia’s abuelita has previously complained about her care, having accused her granddaughters of abandonment. In the lawsuit, Mange is after a sum that was left by her deceased daughter after she died on May 27, 2011. In addition, part of the lawsuit stems from a lot of she-said/she-said and confusion over whether the sum was returned to Mange or not.

In an October interview with Univision’s El Gordo y La Flaca, Thalia told the hosts that she had created an account for her grandmother’s pension, and that all her sisters had deposited money into it, except for her sister Laura Zapata, who has taken their grandmother in. Thalia added that it was difficult to access her grandmother because her sister has kept Mange in isolation? Zapata’s reaction to her famous sister’s heavy claims? A Twitter rant (it's 2012, after all), in which Zapata told Thalia to stop spreading gossip and to send their grandmother her rightful money.

“I don’t know what account that money is in: YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN IT TO MY GRANDMOTHER! Stop lying, little sister” read Zapata’s additional Tweet.

This all sounds like a hot mess – we’re even confused now. We hope Thalia and her family can sort out this huge rift before it gets uglier- for her grandmother’s sake.