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Exclusive: Thalia on New Album, Her Alter Ego Maria la del Barrio, & Eating NYC Hot Dogs
EXCLUSIVE: Thalia Talks New Album 'Latina' and Alter Ego Maria la del Barrio

Simply saying Thalia’s name should immediately put a smile on any Latina’s face.

The Mexican singer/actress is as much a part of your childhood as your mami’s favorite dish, or your first date. Well, get ready to get all the feels and more on her latest album, Latina, a bombastic fusion of everything you’ve come to expect from the lovely Thalia. Now, say her name, “T-H-A-L-I-A.” Don’t you feel better, already?

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PICS: Selena Gomez Shares Backstage Photos of Her Revival Tour
PICS: Selena Gomez Shares Backstage Photos of Her Revival Tour

Selena Gomez knows how to keep her fans on their toes.

The singer shared on Instagram three behind-the-scene photos on her upcoming Revival Tour. They feature Gomez during rehearsals, a sneak peek of her concert merchandise, and a final photo of the singer being her adorable self. 

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WATCH: YouTube Star Alex Aiono Creates an Awesome Nicky Jam & Drake Mashup
This is the Nicky Jam and Drake Mashup We've All Been Waiting For

Nicky Jam and Drake make an excellent musical team.

Alex Aiono, known for his original covers and mashups on YouTube created this incredible bilingual mashup featuring Drake’s “One Dance” and Nicky Jam’s “Hasta el Amanecer.” And we have to say, we’re obsessed! Aiono really nailed the transition between songs.

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TK Cheating Songs
5 Songs Anyone Who's Been Cheated On Can Relate To

Beyonce's latest album, Lemonade, is raising speculation that Jay-Z may have cheated on Queen Bey with someone the singer refers to as "Becky with good hair" in her song "Sorry."

Beyonce isn't the first to sing about being cheated on, check out these songs that were an ode to the unfaithful ones:

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Becky G Hopes to Record More Music in Spanish
Is Becky G Recording a Spanish-Language Album?

Becky G has her whole career ahead of her, and wants to make sure she uses all she has to offer.

MORE: Becky G Dances the Night Away for 19th Birthday

The 19-year-old singer recently expressed a desire to tap into the Spanish market in order to appeal to a broader audience.

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Luis Miguel Song SS
10 Times Luis Miguel Made Us All Emotional

Luis Miguel has always been a singer that can tug at your heart strings with just one song, and the videos to these canciónes are no exception. Check out some of his best songs, ever: 

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Record Store Day: 7 Vinyl Records Your Parents Probably Owned
7 Vinyl Records Your Parents Probably Owned

Today is Record Store Day! We know what you’re thinking, hipster holiday…GTFOH! But we assure you after clicking through the following records your parents probably owned, you’ll feel nostalgic. 

MORE: These are the 50 Best Latino Singers of All Time

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