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Branding Boom
The Latina Branding Boom

One overriding trend we've spotted among our Latina celebs has been a huge branding boom!

From Selena Gomez's clothing line for Kmart to Eva Mendes's home line for Macy's to J.Lo (the star who started it all) landing a historic branding deal with Kohl's—our girls expanded their empires at a break-neck pace in 2010.

In case you missed this phenomenon, check out our round-up of Latina moguls and moguls-in-the-making.

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Andre Walker
Does This Work? Deep Conditioners

Creative director Paul Bruno has these amazing chin-length waves. To keep them soft and frizz-free he knows that he has to deep condition regularly. Here are the best deep conditioners he tried:

What They Are: deep conditioning treatments

The Claim
: After one use, these deep conditioners will hydrate, repair, soften, and smooth your strands.

My Results

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Does This work? Eye Makeup Removers
Does This work? Eye Makeup Removers

Managing editor Yuliana Gomez has been testing some heavy-duty eye makeup removers over the last couple of weeks. Here’s her experience:

Does This Work? Hair Volumizer

The Products: Eye makeup remover liquids and towelettes
The Claims: They all promise to remove all traces of even heavy mascaras and eyeliners with just a few dabs.

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Bikini Wax
How to Survive a Bikini Wax

If you’re like me, there are two reasons to put off bikini waxes: One, you’re busy, and two, it hurts like hell! But at the start of bikini season a waxing session is an absolute must for a lot of us, which is why I’ve developed this checklist to make the whole experience practically pain-free:

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Why a Silk Pillowcase?

A friend of mine uses a satin pillowcase. Her boyfriend does, too. Did you know it's actually used to prevent the pulling, scratching and wrinkling of your skin? So it's a great anti-aging device. And it’s also great because the slippery material helps prevent hair from tangling and therefore breaking. A beautiful secret, indeed.

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Abuela Said Soak in It!

So remember how abuela—or, at least my abuela—would soak her feet in water and Epsom Salt and say it was good for you? Turns out, there's something to that old wives' tale. I recently had a pedicure and let my feet soak in a warm tub sprinkled with Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Eucalyptus (visit for retail locations) and my tootsies came out calm and totally refreshed.

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The Kim Kardashian Effect

Um, is it me or are our Latina starlets all morphing into Kim Kardashian? It’s the black clothes, the big flesh-tone lips, the long cascading curls framing the ample bustline. Check out the lovely Kardashian, and then feast your eyes on these look-alikes, Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton, ABC Family star Francia Raisa and handbag designer Camila Alves, and then tell me, am I crazy?

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The Secret to A Flawless Smoky Eye

I swear I never thought it could be possible: One product that allows you to paint on smoky eyes without needing three pots of eye shadow, two brushes and a stick of kohl. And as I use it everyday, I am still in awe of just how easy it is. CoverGirl Smokyshadowblast in Onyx Smoke ($8.49,, is a soft, greasy – but not in a bad way – double-sided stick; one side holds a dark pointed bit of color and the other holds a rounded lighter bit of color.

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The Beauty Tree

Here’s an idea for your next holiday party: Find a small or miniature fake tree and set it near the front door. Decorate it with Philosophy Holiday Ornaments ($6 each,, adorable hanging canisters each filled with a travel-size shower gel. As your guests leave, they can take one ornament with them as a party favor. It’s an affordable touch that will personalize your fiesta beautifully.

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Fashion Week Finish: Top Five Beauty Trends

After a week filled with thrills, frills and fabulous fashions, it’s time to break down our top five favorite beauty trends from New York Spring 2010 Fashion Week.

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