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The Secret to A Flawless Smoky Eye

I swear I never thought it could be possible: One product that allows you to paint on smoky eyes without needing three pots of eye shadow, two brushes and a stick of kohl. And as I use it everyday, I am still in awe of just how easy it is. CoverGirl Smokyshadowblast in Onyx Smoke ($8.49,, is a soft, greasy – but not in a bad way – double-sided stick; one side holds a dark pointed bit of color and the other holds a rounded lighter bit of color.

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The Beauty Tree

Here’s an idea for your next holiday party: Find a small or miniature fake tree and set it near the front door. Decorate it with Philosophy Holiday Ornaments ($6 each,, adorable hanging canisters each filled with a travel-size shower gel. As your guests leave, they can take one ornament with them as a party favor. It’s an affordable touch that will personalize your fiesta beautifully.

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Fashion Week Finish: Top Five Beauty Trends

After a week filled with thrills, frills and fabulous fashions, it’s time to break down our top five favorite beauty trends from New York Spring 2010 Fashion Week.

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Beauty Poll: What’s Your Go-To Gift?

We all have one: That easy go-to gift you grab at the last minute to give to someone you barely know. Whether it’s a co-worker you’ve just met who’s having a birthday, a new friend you found just before the holidays, lo que sea, we want to know:

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Beauty Poll: Today’s Trend Forecast

With so many different beauty trends roaming the runways and ruling our streets, we thought we’d take your temperature, readers, and ask what looks you’re totally digging right now. So share...

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Beauty Poll: Save a Little, Splurge a Little

We’re living in a time where every penny counts. But that doesn’t mean we still don’t want to look—and feel—the best we possibly can. So here in the beauty department, we became curious: Though you’re saving your cents..

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Beauty Poll: Spring Forward

All of this cold weather leaves us fantasizing about shedding our bulky coats for longer days, sundresses and, most important, warmth. But then we have to ask...

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Pumpkin Body Treats

Pumpkin isn’t just good for you to eat. It’s great for your skin, too! Packed with enzymes, vitamins and anti-aging properties, calabaza can rejuvenate your skin and restore its glow. Oasis, a NYC day spa, offers a sugar scrub and pumpkin wrap seasonal special: 90-minutes for $150 (

But if a home-cooked mask is more your thing, than experiment with this DIY recipe.

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