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The Best Face Masks for All Skin TYpes
The 5 Best Face Masks for All Skin Types

Face masks have continued to grow in popularity, and all for the right reasons. More and more women are realizing these glorious little treatments are just what you need to solve some of your biggest skin faux pas. Get ready to take your complexion to another level by finding your perfect skin solution:

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Latinos With the Best Eyebrows
10 Latinos With the Best Eyebrows

While full and thick brows is the latest trend for ladies, men have been sporting this look for decades. Here are 10 Hollywood hunks that have been making chicas swoon with their enviable manbrows:

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KFC Makes Fried Chicken Tasting Nail Polish— Que?!
Edible Nail Polish That Tastes Like Chicken?! Leave It to KFC!

It's finger lickin' good!

KFC Hong Kong is taking nail polish where its never gone before. The fast food chain has just created edible polish which tastes like their famous fried chicken, emphasizing their 'finger lickin' good' slogan. 

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