Things Happen Body During Pregnancy
9 Weird (But Totally Normal) Things That Happen During Pregnancy
By Cristina Arreola | 04/20/2015 - 16:10

Most moms knows that weird things happen during pregnancy.

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Zoe Saldana Opens Up Post Pregnancy Difficulties
We Feel You, Girl! Zoe Saldana Shares Post-Pregnancy Difficulties
By Cristina Arreola | 04/13/2015 - 13:07

When it comes to motherhood, Zoe Saldana keeps it real.

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TK Things To Know About IVF
5 Things To Know About IVF
By Cristina Arreola | 04/02/2015 - 15:57

In vitro fertilization came under fire several weeks ago when famed designers Dolce &a

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10 Things You Never Knew About Pregnancy
10 Things You Never Knew About Pregnancy
By Raquel Reichard | 01/17/2015 - 10:00

Depending on the person you’re talking to, pregnancies are described in different—often very contradictory—ways.

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10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Infertility
10 Celebrities Who Struggled To Have Children
By Cristina Arreola | 01/14/2015 - 15:13

Motherhood is one of the greatest miracles of life. Unfortunately, many women who desperately want children and a family of their own are unable to have them.

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Celeb Maternity Styles Straight From Your Closet
Celeb Inspiration: How to Transition Your Normal Wardrobe into Maternity Wear!
By Verky Arcos | 11/12/2014 - 06:56

When your baby bump begins to grow, your first thought is how amazing it is to be bringing life into this world. The second?

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Pregnant Zoe Saldana outside of Good Morning America
See Zoe Saldana Show Off Her Baby Bump!
By Cristina Arreola | 07/29/2014 - 11:25

It's not a secret anymore!

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Zoe Saldana and sisters Cisley Saldana and Mariel Saldana at dinner for Cinestar
Zoe Saldana Celebrates Sister Mariel's Pregnancy at Baby Shower!
By Cristina Arreola | 06/23/2014 - 11:39

What a beautiful family!

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Snooki and Adriana Lima
10 Celebrities Share Their Crazy Pregnancy Cravings!
By Cristina Arreola | 06/16/2014 - 14:51

Pregnancy does some pretty crazy things to women's bodies, and soon-to-be moms often find themselves gunning for the fridge at 2 a.m.

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10 Surprising Facts About Fertility
8 Surprising Facts About Fertility
By Cristina Arreola | 05/22/2014 - 15:04

How much do you know about fertility?

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